Video Ad Creative We Can’t Stop Thinking About | October 2023

At QuickFrame, we put a high premium on ad creative. You can have the most cutting-edge product on the market, but if your video ads don’t sparkle, you’re going to have a hard time turning passive prospects into passionate consumers.

That’s why, each month, we round up a selection of the best ad creative we’ve helped brands produce to help you generate concepts for your future campaigns. (Who needs an hours-long creative brainstorming session when you can just watch some videos, y’know?)

Dive into this month’s top picks below.

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Boost Mobile 

Anatomy of the Video

Style: Animated Explainer 

Industry: Electronics and Technology 

Platform: eCommerce Site

Elements: Background music, branding, voiceover

Objective: Product Marketing 

Turnaround: 3 weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

Getting a new phone or switching companies is often associated with spending a large amount of money or pretending to know how an eSIM card works. Since Boost knows their potential customers might not be super excited to learn about a phone plan, the brand used an animated explainer video to make it more enjoyable. 

With a thorough explanation of the Boost Infinite program, potential customers know exactly what to expect. Even if existing customers tune in, they can get a quick refresher on the benefits of the program. This one-minute, 38-second e-commerce video provides key value propositions, relatable examples, and funny quips to keep viewers tuned in. 

Want to create an animated explainer video for your own brand? Consider discussing your product in a new, unique way. Even if your product or service doesn’t feel very flashy, an animated video can create an engaging experience for potential customers. Obviously, an animated llama doesn’t have anything to do with a new phone plan. But it’s funny, kind of weird, and keeps viewers’ attention. 

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Anatomy of the Video

Style: Live Action 

Industry: Beauty

Platform: Instagram and TikTok 

Elements: Branding, on-screen text and graphics, product visuals

Objective: Acquisition and Product Marketing 

Turnaround: 5 weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

This Kiss ad is an upbeat way for the brand to engage their audience. With multiple products, several different actors, and on-screen text to show value propositions, this video allows them to connect with their target consumers — no matter who their consumer is. They also include a how-to element in the video, which shows the simplicity and reassures potential buyers that they can use the product. 

With lifestyle content featuring relatable experiences, this video style allows viewers to imagine themselves using the product. With the combination of products, benefits, and familiar visuals, Kiss can promote their brand in an accessible way. 

If you’d like to create a similar lifestyle video for your brand, think about the everyday uses for your product. For example, if you’re selling glassware, think about how your existing customers use the product to elevate their daily family dinner. Especially in a post-pandemic world, people are looking for ways to improve small things in their lives, and this can be a great way to connect with your audience. 

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Raymour & Flanigan 

Anatomy of the Video

Style: Live Action 

Industry: Home and Appliances

Platform: YouTube and Facebook 

Elements: Branding, on-screen text and graphics, product visuals

Objective: Acquisition and Product Marketing 

Turnaround: 8 weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

This Raymour & Flanigan ad starts off with a line directly connecting the brand to their target audience. By addressing people who are ready to design a new room, they immediately catch their attention and encourage them to keep watching. 

When it comes to targeting, they’re likely trying to reach consumers who have recently searched for home renovation, room decoration, or something similar. Through precision targeting on social media (which can also be applied to Connected TV), they’ll be able to reach these customers quickly and effectively. 

At the beginning of the video production, the actor starts out in an empty room. Throughout the ad, they showcase Raymour & Flanigan products, which ultimately leads to the actor decorating the room the video started in. By naturally moving the viewer through the video with the products, potential customers can imagine themselves decorating their own spaces. 

To take a similar approach in your brand’s video marketing, you’ll need to spend time understanding your audience. With a specific segment in mind, you can speak directly to them and help them quickly connect with your marketing. 

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