Video Ad Creative We Can’t Stop Thinking About | September 2023

At QuickFrame, we put a high premium on ad creative. You can have the most cutting-edge product on the market, but if your video ads don’t sparkle, you’re going to have a hard time turning passive prospects into passionate consumers.

That’s why, each month, we round up a selection of the best ad creative we’ve helped brands create, to help you generate concepts for your future campaigns. (Who needs to schedule an hours-long creative brainstorming session when you can just watch some videos, y’know?)

Dive into this month’s top picks below.

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Camping World 

Anatomy of the Video

Style: Live Action

Industry: Retail

Platform: Instagram

Elements: On-screen text, product visuals, dad jokes 

Objective: Acquisition 

Turnaround: 4 weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

If you want to keep your audience engaged, make them laugh. In this Camping World ad, the brand used their products to create a relatable situation for lots of folks — going camping with that dad. And even if viewers don’t totally understand what’s going on, it’s still a funny, enjoyable video. 

The best part of this video might be its simplicity. While a lot of this ad might feel complex, this one just features their products — many of them just happen to be RVs and campers, which take up a bit of space. With quality products, some well-timed one-liners, and the right talent, Camping World crafted an enjoyable ad. 

If you also want to create a video that has the same energy as getting to the airport several hours before your flight, this is a great ad for inspiration. Think about how your brand can take part in a cultural phenomenon. Sure, it’s easy if you sell mom jeans. But there are always creative ways to involve your brand in relatable trends. 

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Spot Pet Insurance

Anatomy of the Video

Style: Live Action

Industry: Animals and Pets 

Platform: Television (CTV/OTT) 

Elements: Branding, user experience visuals, on-screen text, voiceover 

Objective: Brand Marketing

Turnaround: 6 weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

In this adorable ad that definitely didn’t make us cry, it’s clear Spot Pet Insurance knows their audience. 

With branding and a logo placed on-screen throughout the entire video, viewers will always know whose ad they’re watching. Pet insurance shoppers have a number of options to choose from, so on-screen branding helps ensure consumers keep Spot Pet Insurance in mind. 

By showcasing the lifetime of the pet — from the moment you bring them home and through their senior years — Spot pulls on the heartstrings of pet parents, reminding them of the importance of their pets’ healthcare. Plus, the voiceover walks the viewer through the video content, ensuring they’re engaged with what’s going on. 

By ending with a clear call to action, which can be simultaneously viewed on the screen and heard through a voiceover, Spot can reach their audience whether they’re diligently watching TV or just listening in from an adjoining room. 

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Anatomy of the Video

Style: Product Spotlight

Industry: Baby

Platform: Instagram

Elements: Product visuals, on-screen text, background music 

Objective: Acquisition and Product Marketing

Turnaround: 10 weeks

Analysis of the Creative

Speaking of knowing your audience, WAYB seamlessly showcases their consumer insights through this campaign. 

This spot showcases the effectiveness and simplicity of WAYB’s product from the very first shot. Whether they’re headed to the playground or across the country, this ad tells parents that this product helps make traveling with your entire family seamless. 

They also use this opportunity to create a unique branded experience that helps consumers remember their name. By showing the word “way” in several different sentences, they’re creating that connection between the audience and the brand that makes the customer feel way (you know we had to) more connected. 

If you’d like to create a similar video, think about the value propositions that matter most to your audience. Does your product provide an additional element of safety? Or does it bring your audience joy? No matter what your audience can get from your product, make sure you place those benefits front and center in your ad.

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