The Key Decision-Makers When Hiring New Production Partners

“Too many cooks in the kitchen.”

No, we’re not talking about Adult Swim’s wildly popular viral video from 2014.

The age-old idiom about the issues that arise when you have way too many people weighing in on a single decision has been around for literally centuries. One of the first written instances of the phrase was in a 1785 book by Pelatiah Webster called A Seventh Essay on Free Trade and Finance. The passage reads, “This one would think was grounded on natural fitness, for we find it holds true in all human affairs, from a house too full of servants, a field with too many reapers, a town-meeting of too many people, a kitchen with too many cooks, a committee of too many members.”

This passage doesn’t really get to the heart of what we mean in modern corporate-speak for “ too many cooks in the kitchen.” A better illustration would be in this passage from an 1883 article in The Tasmanian Newspaper, “It is an old, but very true saying, that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth.’”

It’s always a great idea to get as many insights into a decision as possible. It’s a sign of a healthy workspace when team members are able to share their perspective, especially when it comes to making maneuvers in your internal workflows. But the pitfalls of this come when you finally have to pull the trigger and make a decision. If everyone has a perspective, it can sometimes be hard for everyone to see eye-to-eye.

If this sounds a bit like your marketing team, you’re not alone. But if you are trying to onboard something vital to the future of your advertising campaigns, like a creative agency or video production partner who can shore up your team’s bandwidth so that you can scale at the pace you need, you need to move quickly. Who are the key players you can lean on to ensure you bring a creative agency or video production company into the marketing fold sooner rather than later? 

That’s why we’ve created a running list of the key decision-makers in your company, and how you can persuade them that, yes, in fact, video does need to be a major pillar of every single future marketing campaign you run.

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Executive Directors/CEOs

Especially for smaller businesses, persuading the Executive Director or CEO will be key. Reinforce how video keeps brands on the cutting edge of both the social media and pop culture spheres. Video is also a keyway to expand on your target demographics by being able to create content that can excite everyone from Boomers to Gen-Z alike. 

Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Directors

This one seems pretty obvious, but sometimes it can be hard to convince a CMO or Marketing Director to buy-in to video marketing if it means increasing their annual budget–or if they are unaccustomed to video. Tell them how a production partner like QuickFrame actually decreases the overall cost of video production, which can allow them to reallocate those budgets to other projects and initiatives. 

Chief Revenue Officer

This one is simple: video is patently the most popular way for us to consume, which means consumers are more likely to pay attention to a video ad than they would a static image or display ad. With higher engagement comes more conversions which equals exactly what a CRO is interested in: increased revenue. 

Creative Directors

You shouldn’t have to convince a Creative Director that you need to produce video marketing content. CDs are always on the cutting edge of using new media in marketing campaigns, but if you’re running into a wall with your own, don’t fret. Continue to reinforce the idea that the most effective way to tell a story either to, or about, your target audience is through the type of content they are already consuming: video.

Head of Production

Another one that seems pretty obvious! If you are going to onboard a new production partner like QuickFrame, getting the people who already produce your content on board is integral. They already know what works best for your brand from budgets to timelines, and they can be key in identifying the best production partner to bring on to your team.

Content Managers/Specialists

Like the Creative Directors, it shouldn’t be too heavy of a lift convincing your content team that they need video. Simply put, video will help the content they are already producing perform even better. They can easily take a successful blog post and turn it into a video, which will unlock a new traffic source for bringing prospective customers to your website.

Digital Marketing Managers

This position may not be the one who will make the final decision, but having the digital marketing manager in your court will never hurt. They can even help you quantify not just the need, but the benefit, of kickstarting a video marketing campaign. Partner with them to dive into your own data so that you can surface some hard facts to present to other key stakeholders in the decision making process.

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