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adidas first connected with QuickFrame through TikTok’s Creative Exchange program, where the relationship grew into a direct partnership. Their goal was to create native video content for TikTok to generate measurable outcomes, like driving retail store traffic and increased conversions. With the help of QuickFrame’s network, adidas produced multiple batches of TikTok-first content, identifying concepts, talents, and trends that work well for a variety of campaign objectives.


adidas is a globally renowned sports brand that strives to expand the boundaries of human possibility, to include and unite people in sport, and to create a more sustainable world, because through sport, we have the power to change lives.


With their content, adidas aims to inspire audiences to express their unique styles in their daily lives. While their innovative products keep them ahead of the curve, they stay relevant by reaching their customers exactly where they are—like on TikTok.

adidas knew that to attract the engagement they wanted, they needed TikTok videos that felt less like ads and more like the content users already consume on the platform. This is a central ethos in TikTok’s approach to advertising: don’t make an ad, make a TikTok.

However, adidas had a broader goal than just creating ads that feel native to the platform. They wanted to generate measurable outcomes, like driving retail store traffic and increased conversions. The brand’s overall goal is to share the diverse ways customers can find, purchase, and love adidas products today, and these results would help them get there.

To achieve them, adidas needed a video production partner who understood TikTok’s core vibes and aesthetics. They found that partner in QuickFrame by MNTN.



adidas first partnered with QuickFrame through TikTok’s Creative Exchange program, which connects brands in need of TikTok content with makers and production companies. This initial partnership quickly grew into a direct relationship specifically designed to help adidas continue to generate net-new video content at scale.

While QuickFrame’s makers can help brands ideate a range of unique concepts, adidas immediately brought some strong ideas to the table all on their own. In addition to wanting to mimic popular styles of content (from “Day in the Life” to “Get Ready With Me” videos) they also had some key messages they wanted to convey, like the importance of trying on products in-store to find the right fit before purchase, something that’s practically impossible on a website.

For each project, QuickFrame matched adidas with just the right makers and production teams who could flesh out their ideas into fully realized concepts. They received multiple options for concepts, scripts, music, and talent, as well as a robust production schedule, so adidas had a clear expectation as to when they’d receive final cuts of their video assets.

As one of TikTok’s first creative partners, QuickFrame has a track record of removing common video production obstacles that prevent brands from reaching their goals, things like slow turnaround times. QuickFrame’s ability to streamline the production process was crucial in enabling adidas to work with various makers to communicate specific needs to the right audiences, helping them showcase the brand’s apparel in unique, authentic ways.



QuickFrame’s expertise in video production, combined with TikTok’s broad user base, helped adidas reach a vast audience on the platform. Through this partnership, QuickFrame was able to deliver adidas 80 assets on an average turnaround time of 10 days. This led to a 48% increase in CVR and a 35% increase in ROAS, which landed them in the top 1% of conversions for their industry vertical.

Overall, the partnership between QuickFrame and adidas has helped the brand achieve their campaign objectives, driving meaningful engagement and outcomes among key younger audiences. The campaign was so successful, the relationship is ongoing, with more projects in the future—underscoring the value of QuickFrame for businesses looking to unlock the full potential of TikTok, and other key video platforms.



increase in CVR


increase in ROAS

10 Day

turnaround time


assets for 5 different campaign KPIs

Top 1%

of conversions for industry vertical on TikTok

Alex Leisure

Alex Leisure, Asst. Manager, Display & Paid Social, adidas

"QuickFrame has been a great partner to work with for both TikTok and adidas. The QF team works quickly to bring briefs to life, and never fails to accommodate feedback requests in a timely and accurate manner. Directionally, QuickFrame's assets perform well for adidas under multiple objectives like Traffic and Lead Gen.”