Resources For Makers

Resources For Makers

General FAQs

Get answers to the most popular questions our makers ask us about QuickFrame.

Production Resources

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite companies to address everything from talent and location, to music and after-effect tools.

Platform Best Practices

Learn the production best practices for each platform and channel, arming you with a guide to confidently create video that will drive the best results.

Partnership Overviews

Gather all the details, expectations, and tips and best practices you need to successfully deliver video content on projects through QuickFrame’s partnerships with ad platforms, media companies, and more.

Maker Referral Program

Learn about our maker referral program.

Grants & Resources for Minority Content Makers 2024

Whether you operate a minority-owned business, production company, or you’re an independent content maker, there are numerous grants, certifications, and resources that can help you get ahead.