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Pinterest | Platform Expert

Pinterest Best Practices

Use a thumb-stopping hook that catches users’ attention as soon as they see your video so they don’t immediately scroll past. With so many visuals across Pinterest, you’ll need a captivating bite-size hook to ensure your viewers are engaged from the beginning, which will make them more likely to watch your ad until the very end.

According to Pinterest, content from brands doesn’t interrupt — it inspires. So make sure your branding is front and center. The first instance of brand messaging, a logo, and/or product visuals should be shown within the initial few seconds of the video. Maintaining branding throughout the ad, like with a persistent URL, keeps your business top of mind for viewers.

Include a clear, direct call-to-action (CTA) in every spot to encourage viewers to take action, like visiting a website or social profile. You can also use the caption to share insights and other actionable information. 

On Pinterest, you should prepare for a sound-off experience with captions and other accompanying text options. You’ll still want to include audio, like music or a voiceover, for viewers who do click into the pin and want to watch with the sound on.

Every year, Pinterest releases an annual trend forecast called Pinterest Predicts. This forecast gives brands and content creators an idea of what trends Pinterest expects to see from its users. With these in mind, you can create relevant, trending content to quickly connect with your audience.