How To Make the Most of Pinterest Predicts 2023

As a video marketer, you know social media is critical for every industry. But, if you’re in a more visually oriented vertical—like fashion, the wedding industry, or design—you may rely even more on social media video across visual platforms, like Pinterest. 

While Pinterest marketing creates significant opportunities for brands of all sizes through the platform, they also release annual best practices and trend forecasts. These forecasts, which they call Pinterest Predicts, can help your brand create relevant, engaging content for your audience. 

Here, we’ll explore Pinterest Predicts and how you can utilize their annual trend forecasting to make the most of your experience on the platform. 

What is Pinterest Predicts? 

In their own words, “Pinterest is where people plan for the future.” Based on the home, DIY, wedding, and travel content, it’s safe to say this is accurate for at least some of their users. 

This unique use case creates an incredible opportunity for Pinterest to take a look at the more than 450 million people who use the platform every month and spot new trends across countless industries. This allows Pinterest to extrapolate trends from the vision boards, searches, and plans to make predictions for the upcoming year. 

While no one has a crystal ball, Pinterest claims an 80% success rate with its predictions, making this critical information for content creators and brands of all sizes. 

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How To Make the Most of 2023’s Pinterest Predictions

Pinterest Predicts helps you explore which trends might be valuable for your brand through a search feature. This allows you to narrow trends down by audience, brand values, and categories. 

Additionally, you can use best practices to make the most of this trend forecasting tool: 

Know Every Trend Isn’t Right for Every Brand

As much as we’d love to use every opportunity available, the truth is: not every trend is right for every brand. 

For example, the Rust Married trend predicts burnt orange hues will be everywhere at weddings—in dresses, table linens, and all things floral. But if your brand isn’t in the wedding (or a wedding-adjacent) industry, this might not be the trend for you to hone in on—and it might come across as your business jumping on an irrelevant bandwagon. 

By ensuring your brand utilizes trends that are right for your business, you can create an authentic and engaging digital presence. 

Know Every Trend Isn’t Right for Every Audience

On the same note, know every trend isn’t right for every audience. 

For example, Romcom Core predicts 2023 fashion will look a lot more like the flouncy, bright clothes worn by the heroines of romantic comedies. But if your core audience is more interested in sleek, modern looks and staple closets, they likely won’t respond well to clothes that scream Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

Plus, people come to Pinterest with certain expectations in mind, including high-quality, visually appealing content that’s tailored to (or, at least, adjacent to) their interests. While you can reach a wide variety of age groups on the platform, you still need to keep these general guidelines in mind to meet (and exceed!) their expectations. 

Understand How Your Brand Can Use the Trends 

Okay, we’ve covered how not to use trends. Let’s dig into how you can effectively utilize them. Let’s dive into a few examples: 

  • If you’re a fitness brand with an audience full of workout enthusiasts, it’s time to check out the primal workout trend. You can utilize this trend to reach new and existing audiences who are trying to steer away from the typical gym routine. 
  • If you’re in the business of creativity, the creative date nights trend can help you shine. Whether you sell picnic supplies, run a bookstore, or directly sell art supplies, you can encourage creative dates with your social media content.  
  • If you’re in the beauty industry, you’ve got a ton of creative options from the 2023 Pinterest Predicts. You can hone in on dual hair colors, micro trends, and hair care

Once you have a big-picture grasp of what your brand can authentically showcase and what your audience will connect with, you can put your own spin on trends and create engaging content.

Get Creative 

Trend reports, like Pinterest Predicts, provide some excellent insights into what consumers are looking for—but they should be the beginning of your creative brainstorming. Use these trends as inspiration and jumping-off points for your campaigns, but don’t rely on them entirely. 

Once you find the right trends for your brand, dig into them and make them your own. How can you take this trend even further out of the box? How can you create an engaging video your audience will connect with based on a specific trend or idea? 

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Test (and Optimize) Your Content 

Not every idea will land perfectly with your audience, so you need to test and optimize your content. Video creative is filled with countless elements that could impact your results. To get an accurate idea of what works best for your audience, you need to test and iterate your videos. 

With an effective multivariate testing strategy, you can examine different tones, CTAs, designs, and more, to find the elements that resonate most with your audience. You’ll want to start with bigger ideas—animation vs. live action, for example—and then narrow down to the details as you continue testing over time. 

By combining relevant trends and data-driven creative decisions, you can create fresh content your audience is eager to engage with and share. 

Utilize Trending Elements To Create Effective Video Content

One way to keep your audience engaged is to create content that’s inspired by relevant trends and backed by data. But, today, you need a ton of video content to stand out on social media, especially on a visually-focused platform like Pinterest.

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