The Biggest Creative Moments from the 2024 Big Game

We like to think of the Big Game as the unofficial kickoff (get it?) to the marketing and advertising new year. 

This year’s game made an even bigger splash than normal, reaching a record average of 123.7 million viewers across television and streaming platforms. From our favorite ads to the incredible (we’re ready to fight about this) halftime show, let’s take a look at the marketing highlights from the Big Game. 

Our Favorite Creative from the 2024 Big Game 

Every month, we round up our favorite video creative that’s recently been made with QuickFrame (here are our favorites from February), so we thought we’d pick our Big Game favorites, too. 

Doritos — Dinamita 

Why We Loved It

The ad opens with Jenna Ortega walking through the grocery store with her abuelas, Dina and Mita. Whether viewers actually watched “Wednesday” or one of the “Scream” installments featuring Ortega, it’s likely they’ll still recognize her or her name from social media. Once viewers are hooked by a familiar face, Dina and Mita surprise the audience as the real stars of the ad. With surprising twists, iconic dance moves, and effective product placement, Doritos aired a memorable Big Game ad. 

Dunkin — DunKings 

Why We Loved It

Playing off the celebrity relationship of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (AKA Bennifer), Dunkin drives brand marketing with a funny, can’t-look-away, what-is-even-happening-style ad. While Dunkin is no stranger to celebrity partnerships, this one takes things to the next level with several celebrities, a catchy song, and some bright fashion choices. 

Hellmann’s — Mayo Cat 

Why We Loved It

Kate McKinnon and her cat take on the world in an ad for Mayo. (Yep, you read that right.) With a creative idea, a bit of commentary around virality, and a waste-reduction campaign, McKinnon and her cat became the face of Mayo. Plus, they jumped on a relevant celebrity topic — Pete Davidson’s partners — and added their own twist. 

State Farm — Like a Good Neighbaaa

Why We Loved It

State Farm used their position as a brand with well-known advertising to level up once again. By reuniting the “Twins” Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, State Farm plays on several different elements, including nostalgia, humor, and brand familiarity. On a more technical level, they also included branding consistently throughout the ad, helping keep their name top of mind for customers during their insurance-purchasing journeys. 

Verizon — Can’t B Broken 

Why We Loved It 

It’s obvious why we loved this one, but we’ll still dive into some specifics. First, Verizon gathered the attention of everyone at the beginning of the ad. There was an element of mystery about what the ad was for, and once viewers knew, the target audience was hooked. As she announces her candidacy for Beyoncé of the United States (she has our vote), she asks the crowd, “Can you hear me now?” referencing the now 20-year-old ad campaign Verizon aired throughout the 2000s. 

Beyoncé’s journey to break the Verizon network took her back to her Lemonade era, to the top of the Sphere in Vegas, and finally, to space — where she announced that the Verizon network could handle her breaking the internet with her new music. Within seconds, we were frantically searching “New Beyoncé music???” on our phones, so the ad drove immediate action, even without a CTA. 

Big Game Campaigns (Extended Version)

It seems a single Big Game ad isn’t enough anymore. While we’ve seen the campaigns extended after the game for years, we saw more ads before the game than ever before, teasing their main spots for Sunday night. For example, we saw Dr. Umstick at the airport weeks before the game in shorter, vague ads. 

But don’t worry — ad campaigns are still being extended after the game, too. The DunKings boy band is still riding the wave of popularity following the game by releasing an extended version of their song for Valentine’s Day

Going Big With Connected TV 

If one ad isn’t enough, we want to make sure advertisers get the most out of their marketing budget. While we were keeping an eye on the score, we also had some other stakes in play during the Big Game: an ad campaign for a small business in Missoula, Montana. MNTN teamed up with Noteworthy Paper & Press, based out of Missoula, to discover how small businesses can make a big impact, be it during the Big Game or not. 

After crafting the ad, MNTN put an equal budget behind a local Big Game spot and a MNTN Performance TV campaign. The MNTN campaign aired the ad 410,816 times over the campaign, reaching 260K+ households — compared to the local spot’s 30,000 viewers who live in Missoula and were watching the game. Check out the final numbers here and see how MNTN can help small businesses go big with Performance TV

2024 Big Game Video Marketing Takeaways

Make Your Audience Laugh 

According to a MNTN Research poll, 83% of marketers agree humor is the best theme for a Big Game ad — and we definitely saw this play out in the ads this year. As you move through the year and create more video ads for your audience, think about ways you can catch them off guard or make them laugh. 

Familiarity Is Key 

While we don’t all have Beyoncé budgets, we can still create familiarity for our audiences. In the opening scene for the Doritos Dinamita ad, for example, the actors are in a grocery store, which is a common experience for many people. By choosing relatable situations and locations for your productions, you’ll be able to connect with your audience more effectively. 

Advertise Across Devices  

You can’t advertise on one platform and hope it reaches your audience anymore. During the Big Game, many viewers were using second devices — like smartphones or tablets — to stay connected in other ways. According to MNTN Research, 47% of respondents said they were using their second device to text, 43% to browse social media, 25% to order food, and 25% to play games. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our A to Z Guide for Video Marketing Success

The Beginning of the 2024 Marketing Season

Now that the Big Game is over, you’ve got the rest of the 2024 marketing season to make an impact on your audience. From spring break ads to holiday campaigns, we’ve got a lot to look forward to and plan for (hint, hint) this year. 

No matter what size or industry your brand is in, video creative is an integral part of marketing strategies in 2024 — and we’re guessing they’re not going anywhere any time soon. With the right strategies, tools, and partners, you can make effective video creative for every channel and objective. 

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