10 Real Estate Agent Video Ideas To Get Qualified Leads

In the competitive world of real estate, showcasing your properties to the widest range of buyers is key to success. More than 45% of homebuyers report looking on the internet for homes before they ever contact an agent (that means us, fellow Zillow fanatics). And with online videos reaching 92% of people on the internet, video content can be a great way to connect with this audience. 

Adding real estate agent video content to your online strategy can help you and your team generate leads and connect with potential buyers in your area. Start developing your strategy with these real estate agent video ideas.

1. 360 Walkthroughs

Today’s buyers — just like today’s real estate agents — are juggling busy lives. Often, they don’t have time to go to showings for every house they might be interested in. With 360-degree walkthrough videos, you can showcase all of the properties in your portfolio, and potential buyers can decide which ones they want to see in person. This allows potential buyers to virtually see every aspect of the house, saving time for both of you. 

For best results, keep your lighting consistent throughout the walkthrough. Shoot during the middle of the day, when there’s ample natural light. Illuminate the darker areas of each property with supplemental light, and make sure the camera stays stable in low-light situations.

While editing, add a voiceover to the videos to ensure potential buyers get the full walkthrough experience. By narrating the video, real estate agents can include information about the property that might not be visible in the video, providing a comprehensive overview of the listing. 

2. Testimonials

More than 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and family, so make sure to show off the happy homeowners you’ve helped. Compile a list of your clients, and contact them to request testimonials. 

You’ll need to be strategic, especially when it comes to video testimonials. It’s essential to pick buyers with a compelling story to tell. For example, you might try to speak with buyers who you helped overcome obstacles during the sales process. This can help inspire confidence that you’re ready to help other potential buyers. Or, if you recently sold someone their dream home, you can have them walk through the process and then explain how other buyers can follow a similar path. 

3. Lifestyle Content

You don’t have to stick to sales-based content, either. Relatable lifestyle content can be entertaining and engaging and help boost your credibility and overall profile on social media. Plus, lifestyle content is a broad category, which means it can be relevant to new homebuyers and existing homeowners alike. 

Not sure where to start? Start with your unique expertise. You might make a video about how to spot real estate red flags for online listings, or about down payments and how to start saving for one. For the homeowners in your feed, make videos about taking care of a new property or budgeting for the costly home repairs that inevitably pop up. 

4. City Content

Location is a key factor in choosing a home. When you’re not working with buyers in person, they don’t get the benefit of picking your brain about the area. Fill this gap by posting city-based content in your video feed. 

Show potential buyers what’s available in the city by touring local hot spots or interviewing local business owners. Introduce them to the hidden gems they’ll be able to explore, or highlight certain statistics in the area and layer them over interesting stock footage. 

People will want to know about their options for everything in their area, including dining out, shopping, and entertainment. You can also share information about average commute times and schools in the neighborhood. 

5. Neighborhood Content

Get more granular with a series of videos that explore different neighborhoods in the city. Break down what would make each neighborhood attractive to different groups of buyers. Maybe you have numerous listings in a bustling area for young professionals with easy access to nightlife and special events. Take a tour around the neighborhood and show this demographic what they would have at their fingertips. 

You may also have a number of listings in a suburban area that prides itself on building a sense of community. Showcase neighborhood events and other elements that make the area unique to appeal to families. 

6. Meet the Team

If you’re not a solo operation, give potential buyers a chance to get to know your team. Create a series of videos introducing viewers to your fellow real estate agents. Showcase what makes them experts at selling properties to build confidence in your team’s skills. 

If you are working alone, make a video highlighting your experience and the qualities that make you unique. Find things you have in common with your viewers to establish a connection. Talk about your experience in real estate, but also what you’re passionate about outside of work. Meet-the-team videos make you and your team more approachable. 

7. Business Updates

Posting updates about your business can help you build credibility. Real estate agent video ideas don’t have to appeal only to potential buyers. You can also use them to appeal to other industry professionals. Expanding your network can help you connect with others in your community, driving both trust and business. 

Make videos highlighting relevant market statistics, such as average home prices and average days on the market. Discuss up-and-coming areas in your city to drum up interest before the market heats up. You can also showcase recent home sales and give your potential buyers a sneak peek at some of the properties you’ll soon have available.

8. A Day in the Life

Unless they’ve worked with a real estate agent before, your potential buyers may not realize what your job entails. Make some content highlighting a day in your life. Of course, you won’t want to share a day-long video, so make sure to use creative video editing. You can cut hours of content into a quick and easy-to-digest video to engage your audience across different social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram

9. Real Estate Tips

Set potential buyers up for success by creating a series of real estate tips. These might include information on how buyers can find the best listings within their budget — and how to structure their budget in the first place. Offer tips on how to prepare for renovations down the road and what to look for during a walk-through. On the flip side, you can also show sellers how to competitively price homes to get the best offers.

10. Educational Content

Educational content can help buyers make better decisions. Walk your viewers through common topics that people might not be familiar with during the home buying process. As we briefly mentioned above, you could share tips on setting a budget and applying for an affordable mortgage. You can also explain the differences between properties like townhomes, condos, duplexes, single-family homes, and tenant-in-common (TIC) units. 

If you want to grow your agency or connect with colleagues in your professional community, consider making a series of training videos for budding real estate agents. Teach them how to stay organized and how to find and track new listings. Cover topics they might see on their licensing test and cover the best study guides. 

Ask-me-anything (AMA) videos are also a great form of educational content. You can host these live on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and respond to your viewers as they ask questions, or you can take questions through direct messages and answer the best ones in a prerecorded video. 

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Real Estate Video Ideas: Final Thoughts

Creating a video marketing strategy is a great way to build rapport with potential buyers (and fellow sellers!) in your area. Videos give you a wide reach in a format that resonates with your audience — and you can advertise across different channels, including social media. With the right plan, you’ll be able to use real estate video content to connect with potential buyers and sellers alike. 

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