Video Ad Creative We Can’t Stop Thinking About | February 2024

At QuickFrame, we put a high premium on ad creative. You can have the most cutting-edge product on the market, but if your video ads don’t sparkle, you’re going to have a hard time turning passive prospects into passionate consumers.

That’s why, each month, we round up a selection of the best ad creative we’ve helped brands create to help you generate concepts for your future campaigns. (Who needs to schedule an hours-long creative brainstorming session when you can just watch some videos, y’know?)

Dive into this month’s top picks below.

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Anatomy of the Video

Style: Standard Live Action

Industry: Health and Wellness

Platform: Instagram; Facebook

Elements: On-Screen Text, Product Visuals, Voiceover 

Objective: Brand Marketing; Acquisition 

Turnaround: 3-4 Weeks

Analysis of the Creative

This Aveeno ad focuses on showcasing the products and quickly connecting with the target audience. Within the first two seconds of the video, the voiceover mentions sensitive skin, which can draw the attention of viewers who might have otherwise assumed this particular product wasn’t for them. On-screen text accompanies the voiceover, increasing accessibility and helping viewers consume the content in the way that’s most effective for them. 

Throughout the video production, the actor begins using the products, adding in a hint of how-to content. Viewers learn which products are best for them by watching breakdowns of each product and their value propositions. Aveeno also includes the logo throughout the video to maintain branding. In addition to their name being on the products, it sits in the top right corner of the content. 

If you’d like to implement a similar video style, think about how you can show a consumer using your products. If you’re a kitchenware brand, for example, think about how your consumers might use the products while hosting a dinner party. This combination of how-to and product marketing can help viewers envision themselves using them in their daily lives. 

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Anatomy of the Video

Style: Standard Live Action

Industry: B2B

Platform: Instagram; Facebook 

Elements: Background Music, Motion Graphics, On-Screen Text 

Objective: Acquisition 

Turnaround: 4-6 Weeks

Analysis of the Creative

As ecommerce continues to take the world by storm, this Shopify ad shows customers how easy it is to set up their own business. By focusing on a business owner making a product, creating content, and getting the listing live, the video makes the app look effortless. While these are, of course, simplified steps, the video gets the point across: using Shopify is a seamless way to launch your small business

Motion graphics catch the viewers’ attention before walking them through the rest of the video. The upbeat background music also maintains a positive atmosphere throughout. With branding throughout, a clear CTA to entice viewers, and an offer for a free trial, this ad can help drive customers to take action. 

If you’re looking for a similar video marketing content idea, think about the ways your customers use your product. While this goes hand-in-hand with the video idea above, this format gives you the opportunity to dive deeper and get more granular. What are the exact steps your customer takes to use the product? Once you have those, take the time to walk through what the customer experience might look like — then showcase it in a quick social media ad. 

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Anatomy of the Video

Style: User-Generated Content (UGC) 

Industry: Food and Beverage

Platform: TikTok

Elements: Clear CTA, Product Visuals, Voiceover

Objective: Acquisition 

Turnaround: 2-3 Weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

Since most (dare I say all?) people don’t think of wings when they think of Whataburger, effective marketing is essential. In this user-generated content-style ad, the actor brings the viewer along with them, shows off the product, and discusses the four flavor variations. Plus, showing the actor enjoying the wings is a great way to drive social proof and get others through the door (or the drive-through). 

At the beginning of the video, the actor subtly slides in urgency. By the end, the urgency has become direct, so viewers know this product is only available for a limited time. Whataburger also includes a clear CTA at the end to encourage viewers to take action.  

If your brand is in the food and beverage industry, user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to connect with your audience. UGC made for TikTok — like this video — is a great way to showcase your brand on the social media platform while connecting with viewers in a relatable and engaging way. 

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