When Is the Best Time To Post on Pinterest in 2024?

Pinterest is part search engine, part social network, and — as the name implies — all about inspiration. With some high-quality visuals and engaging Pin titles, you’ll be on the right track to creating effective content. But, if you’re looking to make a significant impact and attract key audiences to your business, you also need to know the best times to post on Pinterest

Let’s explore post-timing on Pinterest and how you can optimize your strategy to make the most of your marketing budget. 

Does Posting Time Matter on Pinterest?

In a word: yes! Several factors play into a successful campaign, and you have to take a holistic view of your Pinterest marketing strategy (just like you do with any social media platform). Every element matters, including how and when you distribute your content. 

When you post a new piece of content onto the platform, it goes through the algorithm before landing on the Feeds of relevant users. To get a better understanding, let’s chat about the Pinterest algorithm. 

Understanding the Pinterest Algorithm

Social media algorithms are mathematical formulas that examine, weigh, and sort data input by users. These algorithms use the results to curate a feed for each user, each designed with the goal of keeping that user engaged as long as possible. 

Like many platforms, the Pinterest algorithm has several different smaller algorithms working together. These algorithms consider several factors, including: 

  • The quality of the image or video you’ve shared
  • The quality of the link you’ve used 
  • The relevance of your content

Pinterest takes note of user interest and tailors the main feed accordingly. So if you’re spending a lot of time searching for new living room art, you’re likely to find several hundred suggestions for the NBTTHAYC (Next Big Thing to Hang Above Your Couch) (just go with it). 

You might be wondering: why does timing matter to the algorithm? Pinterest, like other platforms, will initially serve content to a small “test” group of people who follow and engage with you frequently (kind of like beta-testing your content for the algorithm). If they respond well, the content will be sent out to a larger audience. If the post falls flat, though, it will likely stay tucked away in one of your Pinterest Boards. 

By understanding when your target audience is spending more time on the platform, you can share content on Pinterest at those key times, optimizing your initial Pin performance. 

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Best Times To Post on Pinterest

Social media marketing thrives on data: shares, likes, views, and comments (good and bad). Thankfully, you can track it all and use it to your advantage. Here’s what the data says about the best times to post on Pinterest. 

Pinterest provides inspiration and can be a restful and relaxing social media experience for users. Other platforms, like Twitter, tend to be checked first thing in the morning (and then compulsively throughout the day) by people who rely on it as a source of news information.

Ready for the specifics? Let’s dig into the best times to post on Pinterest every day: 


According to CoSchedule’s research, Monday is one of the best days to post on Pinterest. The best time to post on Monday is 8 p.m., followed by 4 p.m. 


The same research found Tuesday is another one of the best days to post on Pinterest. The most effective times to post are 8 and 9 p.m. 


During the middle of the week, folks might begin to plan their upcoming Saturday DIY projects or Sunday backyard parties. According to CoSchedule, the best times to post on Pinterest on Wednesday are between 2 and 4 p.m. 


According to the same study, the best time to post on Pinterest on Thursday is 8 p.m. Their data also found that Thursday is one of the days when brands might experience lower engagement than other days. 


CoSchedule found Friday can be another tricky day for Pinterest engagement, but the best times range from 2 to 6 p.m. 


On Saturday, you’ll want to aim for engagement later in the day. This study suggests 11 p.m. is the best time to post, followed by a block between 6 and 7 p.m. 


That evening engagement flows right into Sunday — but not until later in the day. According to CoSchedule, Sunday is the best day to post. Their research suggests late afternoon and evenings are the best time to post on Sundays, with the optimal time at 8 p.m. 

Considerations for Timing Your Pinterest Posts

While these time frames are great places to start, your audience might not fit perfectly into one of these boxes. There are many considerations you’ll need to make when timing your posts, including: 

Time Zones

You’ll likely have followers in different time zones, and it will be impossible to reach everyone at the same time. So when the timing doesn’t work for everyone, focus on the time zone that contains the highest concentration of your audience and branch out from there.

Geographic Location

Tied into the above is the issue of geographic location. In addition to local trends and language issues, there are bigger timing issues, like seasonality. The holiday season and the dark of winter in America, for example, is the height of sunny summertime in Australia. 

User Behavior

With analytics, you can take a look at the user behavior of your key audience. You can see when they’re most active, which posts they engage with the most, and more. While these are essential, also pay attention to bigger trends of popularity among different social media platforms. For example, you can see what works on Pinterest and implement some of these strategies into your content plan. 

Engagement Trends

Hand-in-hand with user behavior, you’ll want to understand and evaluate engagement trends within your content (and the platform itself). Does animated content or live-action perform better? Do audiences prefer engaging content, educational material, or a combination of the two? Keep an eye out for trends in your content so you can optimize your strategy. 

Types of Content

Similarly, trends change the kinds of content that users (and the algorithm) value. While some platforms are text-based, Pinterest is primarily visual. You’ll want to understand the different kinds of posts you can share on the platform. You’ll also want to focus your strategy on video marketing content, which is more effective at catching attention and keeping users engaged.

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How To Measure Success

Measuring success on social media is only effective if you’ve got your key performance indicators (KPIs) in place. With your goals front and center, you’ll be able to track your campaign performance, optimize when necessary, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

It’s Not a Perfect Science

These best practices are a great place to start — but you still need to find what works for your brand. Once you’ve got enough content to begin finding trends, you’ll be able to adjust your posting schedule to times that make sense for your audience.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is a robust in-platform tool that allows you to see what’s working — and what needs adjusted. It provides you with: 

  • Your overall Pinterest presence 
  • Account insights, including how users interact with your content
  • Your most popular Pins
  • Information about your audience 

Additionally, Pinterest Predicts is where Pinterest predicts what’s going to be trending in the upcoming year. In 2024, they’re expecting a Jazz Revival and Cute Coins, to name a couple of examples. Pinterest Predicts claims an 80% success rate, so it’s definitely worth seeing how the trends can fit into your content strategy. 

Test, Test, and Test Some More

Like we said, this isn’t a perfect science. To find out the perfect posting times for your business, you’ll need to test different variables, like times, content types, and so on. 

Platforms, algorithms, and user behavior are always evolving, which means you’ll also want to continuously test your content. This will help you optimize your Pins and provide users with an experience they’re excited to engage with. 

Making Pinterest Videos at Scale

Testing and launching great videos that can break through the sea of visual material on Pinterest requires careful consideration and a significant amount of content. But not all teams are equipped to handle that alone — and they shouldn’t have to. 

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When To Post on Pinterest: Final Thoughts

No matter your industry, Pinterest is an incredible platform for catching the attention of potential customers and engaging existing ones. If you know when to post on Pinterest, you’ll be able to successfully use the platform, increase your audience, and grow your business.

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