Video Ad Creative We Can’t Stop Thinking About | June 2022

At QuickFrame, we put a high premium on ad creative. You can have the most cutting-edge product on the market, but if your video advertising isn’t actively grabbing attention, you’re going to have a hard time turning passive prospects into passionate consumers.

That’s why each month we’ll round up a selection of the best ad creative we’ve recently enabled brand’s to create to help you generate concepts for future campaigns!

Who needs to schedule an hours-long creative brainstorming session when you can just watch some videos?

Dive into this month’s top picks.

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Anatomy of the Video

  • Type: Explainer
  • Style: 2D Animation
  • Industry: Technology
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Elements: Motion Graphics, Voice Over
  • Objective: Acquisition/Performance Marketing
  • Turnaround: 8 weeks

Analysis of the Creative

You don’t need Pixar level animation to make a mark with your animated ad. Take for instance this ad from Through simple 2D animation, they are able to creatively convey their primary value prop–making sure that you don’t miss anything during important meetings when life invariably gets in the way. 

What we find so unique about this ad is that it doesn’t expressly say what does. They just focus on the value it will provide the lives of their customers. Because the ad isn’t a brazen hard sell, it instigates a different emotion in the viewer, one that allows us to see them as a working partner, rather than just a software company for transcription tools. If you want your potential customers to see your brand in a different light, try’s soft sell approach and put people first, and your product second.


Anatomy of the Video

  • Type: Editorial
  • Style: Motion Graphics/Remote Interview
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Platform: Website/Blog
  • Elements: Voice-over narration, on-screen text
  • Objective: Content Marketing
  • Turnaround: 2 weeks

Analysis of the Creative

Historically, if you wanted to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry that meant writing blogs and white papers to deliver this information to customers and prospects. But you can get more mileage out of your thought leadership by repurposing that content into a video! A picture is worth a thousand words after all, and while their 2022 Trend Report was already filled with invaluable information, it becomes all the more engaging when conveyed via a video.

CBRE smartly took the approach of creating this video through low-cost means. Rather than getting their thought leaders in-studio, they utilized DIY voice-over on top of stock images and on-screen text to support the topic without getting in the way of the lessons they want the viewer to take away. If you’re looking for a way to reinvigorate your content marketing, take a page from CBRE’s book and try out this unique approach.

Anatomy of the Video

  • Type: Product Spotlight
  • Style: Standard Live Action
  • Industry: Auto & Vehicle
  • Platform: CTV
  • Elements: Dynamic Editing, On-screen text, Voice Over

Analysis of the Creative

Every video ad you create should have some element of storytelling layered throughout, even if it’s just telling the history of your brand or how to use your product. But in this ad spot from, the story is at its heart.

Equal parts cheesy and charming, the ad aims to instigate an emotion anyone with a parent has experienced at some time in their life: helping them navigate the ends and outs of this fancy thing called “online shopping.” This establishes the spirit of relatability, as if the brands are saying directly to its audience, “We understand your unique pain points, and we’ve got the solution.”

Not to mention, with Father’s Day on the horizon, by opting to tell this story, they are positioning themselves as a brand highly aware of creating content that’s relevant and meets the moment.

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