How Video Editing Effects Can Creatively Engage Audiences

Welcome to Maker Corner, our monthly series where we feature guest contributions to our blog. This month’s post about a video editing transition effect was written by QuickFrame maker, Victoria.

When it comes to video editing, I have certain techniques I love using. But it can be hard to explain to someone else exactly why I find them so useful.

I imagine it’s like how you may have a favorite snowboarder or boxer and are drawn to watching them for their specific style. But if you asked their fans to explain exactly what they appreciate about these athlete’s styles, they’ll likely be unable to tell you anything more specific than “it just looks cool.” 

That’s because, to these fans, what they love about watching these sports boils down to the incredible feeling it gives them. For me, it’s exactly the same when editing a video. 

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I’ll always go with that gut feeling I have in the studio when making decisions on everything from visual effects to transitions. Sometimes you’ll have a clear plan in your head before you start, only to throw it out the window when a mistake becomes a happy accident, improving the whole project. Editing can be so tedious, so it’s important to have fun and experiment with your mistakes.

That’s exactly how I started to use a technique I call “swipes”. 

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Video Editing Tricks: Using “Swipes”

I’m sure I’m not the inventor of this transitional move, and I can’t tell you how it started–it was likely a mistake while shooting–but it has become one of my signatures in the videos I edit. 

Let me break down “swipes’. 

Imagine you accidentally record footage during set ups or between shots, and when you move the camera, you end up capturing a short clip that seemingly is unusable. Maybe the clip captures a ceiling, the floor, or a pattern on a wall. In fact, when you’re sitting down to edit and you watch the clip, you may even delete it thinking it’s random and has no rhyme or reason for use. 

But the result is far from unusable. What these accidental swiping motions give you is a wonderful way to spice up your transitions for everything from event recaps and fashion lookbooks to social branding videos.

Now when I’m on set, I always dedicate a few minutes at the end of the shoot to capture some “swipes” to use as transitions for these kinds of videos. When paired with the right music, talent, and content, it can be an unexpected visual treat to make your videos unforgettable.

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Headshot of Maker Victoria for Video EditingVictoria is a Video Director and Editor based in NYC. She is the founder of a boutique video production and post-production company that specializes in creating compelling web videos for brands with a unique approach and style to push the boundaries of storytelling for branded content. With over 10 years of experience, Victoria has developed a diverse network of talented collaborators that help her to tell powerful, authentic and empowering stories.

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