Coronavirus Impacts on Video Marketing Content Makers (WEBINAR)

QuickFrame hosted a webinar for our global network of content makers to report on advertisers’ shifting needs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The creative industry has been significantly impacted by temporary spending cuts and changing client priorities due to COVID-19.

The hour-long conversation included a discussion of the nature of new business conversations, areas of heightened demand, shifts in media distribution and their impacts on creative, and safe production practices.

Watch the full recording of our webinar above and check out the highlights below. For more information on how you can become a QuickFrame maker, click here.

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The Business of Video: What We’re Hearing Right Now

The Nature of New Business Conversations During the COVID-19 Era

  • This is an unprecedented time for everyone and no one really knows what the right answers are, or even if there are any.
  • Brands are leaning on video content creation and insights platforms like QuickFrame to collect insight on how the industry is reacting.
  • Clients are eager to hear recommendations right now, especially from makers who are actively producing content.
  • Brands are looking to continue new video production remotely.


Some Areas are Seeing an Increase in Advertising Demand

  • Consumers need to feel supported by the brands they love. Most brands may have pulled back on paid acquisition channels, but they are promoting their brand in other ways, such as through publishing new content on organic channels.
  • Some categories have seen big boosts in revenue/traffic and a resultant increase in marketing spend. Notable examples are telehealth, health and wellness, CPG, food delivery services, and online learning.
  • There’s been an increase in demand for select video styles—such as animated explainers and UGC—as brands lean on organic content.
  • Makers are getting really creative to continue meeting the demand for brands that want to continue live action or UGC-style production, particularly on performance channels. Many makers are doubling as talent in their own content or using family members/roommates that can safely participate without breaking quarantine directives.


Shifts in Media Distribution

  • CPMs have dropped for most platforms and placements, making it advantageous for marketers to ramp up their advertising efforts, though there are fewer advertisers in the market overall because of budget cuts.
  • Streaming is booming. Marketers should be following the people and diversify where they are advertising. There is a new influx of advertisers who are expanding into OTT and CTV because of audience-targeting capabilities that are similar to digital.
  • Advertisers are embracing “new social frontiers” such as Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok. TikTok has dominated the zeitgeist with its entertainment-first positioning.

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Adapting to the Times: Maker Skill Sets in Demand

  • Rapid Response Animation. Marketers are leaning on animation to produce timely communication safely.
  • Repurposing & Post-Production. Budget-conscious marketers are leaning on post-production workflow to repurpose existing assets into new creative.
  • UGC-Style Content. Because of social distancing guidelines, advertisers are leaning on UGC content to not only solve for production roadblocks, but also to ensure their content is sensitive to the current moment.

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