How to Drive Conversions on Facebook and Instagram: Q3 2020 Video Trend Report

With the Facebook and Instagram marketing content landscape more saturated than ever before, marketers need to finetune their creative to capture attention and drive conversions. But choosing which creative elements to double-down on can feel like a bit of a guessing game.

To help advertisers make data-backed creative decisions in their video advertising, QuickFrame analyzed nearly 700,000 Facebook video ads and Instagram ads in Q3 2020 to surface key creative trends and production recommendations across four key verticals: Apparel & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, and Software & Electronics.

For each industry, the report investigates questions like:

  • What video style drives the most conversions?
  • How many talent should you feature in your video ads on each platform?
  • Does promoting a sale impact CVR?
  • Should you address the coronavirus pandemic?

You can access the full 24-page report here for free. Check out a preview of some interesting stats we surfaced below.

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Apparel & Accessories: Driving Facebook & Instagram CVR

  • Creative with on-screen talent delivered 26% higher average CVR than those without on Facebook, and 41% higher on Instagram.
  • Facebook video ads that had both animated and live action elements performed best overall, driving an average CVR of 6.90%.
  • Video creatives that featured a sale were tied to higher average CVR on both Facebook and Instagram than those that did not.

Food & Beverage: Driving Facebook & Instagram CVR

  • On Instagram, product-centric video ads that had no people on-screen drove a higher CVR than videos with talent. 
  • Just around 1.5% of the nearly 85,000 Q3 Food & Bev videos analyzed featured the mention of a sale or a discount—and these videos were tied to massive increases in CVR.
  • Creatives that mentioned the coronavirus (e.g., safety protocols, shipping changes, etc.) were far more successful on Instagram than on Facebook. Video ads that mentioned the topic were tied to a 161% higher CVR on Instagram than on Facebook.

Health & Beauty: Driving Facebook & Instagram CVR

  • On both Facebook and Instagram, product-centric Healthy & Beauty video creatives that didn’t feature any on-screen talent were far more successful at driving CVR than videos that had people present. 
  • Videos that included a mention of coronavirus or the pandemic were tied to lower average CVR on both Facebook and Instagram, with the effect much more pronounced on Facebook.
  • On Facebook, video ads that did not promote a sale or discount had a 95% higher average CVR; on Instagram, these creatives had a 45% higher average CVR.

Software & Electronics: Driving Facebook & Instagram CVR

  • On Facebook, videos that featured talent had a 105% higher average CVR. On Instagram, however, videos without any on-screen talent were 23% more successful at driving CVR than those that had people present.
  • For both Facebook and Instagram, video ads that featured a mix of animation and live action were most successful at driving CVR.
  • Video ads in this retail category mentioned coronavirus at a far greater rate than any other vertical analyzed in this report. Nearly a quarter of the Software & Electronics videos published in Q3 mentioned the pandemic in some way. But, on both Facebook and Instagram, creative that did not mention coronavirus was tied to higher average CVRs.

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