LinkedIn Video Ad Specs & Placements Guide for 2024

Social media is always changing — and your favorite professional site is no exception. When it comes to LinkedIn video ad specs, it’s important to keep up with the latest information so you can create native video content for the platform. 

While you might initially think about users celebrating a new job or folks digitally networking, LinkedIn can be a valuable part of your video marketing strategy for B2B and B2C brands alike.

Here, we’ll discuss LinkedIn ad specs and how you can make the most of your video marketing on the platform. 

Benefits of LinkedIn Video Marketing

You can expect several different benefits with LinkedIn video marketing, including:  

  • The ability to reach more relevant audiences. If you’re a B2B brand, LinkedIn is an incredible opportunity for you to connect with other businesses and decision-making professionals who work at those companies. 
  • More engagement with your posts. Video content stands out among text-based LinkedIn posts, so social media video marketing allows you to grab your audience’s attention. 
  • The opportunity to drive brand awareness. With thought leadership and other industry-specific content, you’ll be able to make your brand stand out in your market. 

With over 190 million users in the U.S., LinkedIn is a great way to reach your audience. Plus, the number of users around the globe continues growing over time, giving you ample opportunities to connect with more and more people on the platform. 

LinkedIn Video Ad Specs & Placements

What size are LinkedIn video ads? What are the specs for a LinkedIn ad? How long should a LinkedIn video ad be? This section will answer these questions about LinkedIn video ad specs and more.

If you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn video ads can be a good way to reach prospects at all stages of the funnel. You can attach lead gen forms directly to your video ad to acquire leads or choose to convert on your website. Check out this article to learn more about B2B video marketing.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

The only paid video placement available on LinkedIn is through its Sponsored Content offering, where you can deliver native ads to targeted LinkedIn users across all devices. 

Video Ad Specs

  • Aspect ratios: 4:5, 9:16, 16:9, and 1:1 are supported. Vertical aspect ratios are served only to users on mobile devices. If you are targeting users across desktop and mobile, we recommend creating videos in a 16:9 aspect ratio. 
  • Max file size: 200MB
  • Video length: 3 seconds to 30 minutes. Currently, LinkedIn recommends using 15 to 30 second video content to qualify for more advertising placements. 
  • Frame rate: 30fps recommended 
  • File formats: .mp4

We recommend optimizing for a sound-off experience as LinkedIn video autoplay without sound. If including sound, be sure to add captions in video post-production for any dialogue or voiceover. Additionally, a custom thumbnail is optional on these posts, however it is strongly recommended to upload an engaging image. 

Supporting Copy

When crafting your video ad, you can: 

  • Include an optional name for your ad, up to 255 characters.
  • Include introductory text of up to 600 characters.
  • Include a headline of up to 200 characters. Optimize your video headline to be no more than 70 characters to avoid truncation. 

Making LinkedIn Videos at Scale

Once you have the right LinkedIn video ad sizes in your marketing strategy, it’s time to come up with some video marketing ideas! While creating content for several different platforms can be overwhelming, you don’t have to do it alone. 

At QuickFrame by MNTN, we believe businesses of all sizes and industries should be able to create custom video content types. So, we created an end-to-end video production platform that connects your business with the top Creators and production teams across the globe. 

No matter your objective, you can have custom, at-scale video production created quickly — and without going over budget. Plus, everything we do is backed by exclusive performance data to help you make the most of your creative. 

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LinkedIn Ad Sizes: Final Thoughts

While you don’t have an array of placement options on LinkedIn like you do on other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s ad sizes still offer an incredible opportunity for your business. 

As LinkedIn continues evolving, it’s critical to stay up to date. Changes can happen quickly, but keeping up with them is the best way to ensure you’re sharing the most effective creative for the platform. Using the correct LinkedIn video ad specs to share native video advertising can help connect you with potential clients and grow your business.

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