Unraveling Threads: An Introduction to the Latest Meta Platform

Social media spans the globe, reaching people through text, photo, and video content. By the end of 2024, Statista estimates more than 5 billion people will use social media in one way or another. And to make sure these people keep using it, social media brands will continue optimizing their platforms—and launching new ones. 

Threads took over the social media conversation with its literal overnight success this summer. This new platform has a familiar user experience that many will recognize. 

So, what do you need to know about Threads? Let’s dig into how makers, production teams, and marketers can make the most of the newest platform. 

What Is Threads? An Introduction 

Released in early July, Threads is Meta’s newest platform, alongside Facebook and Instagram. The platform was created as a competitor of Twitter (I mean…X), which has been grappling with users, time spent on the platform, and engagement since its $44 billion purchase in late 2022. 

While Threads is described as a text-based platform, users can still share photos and videos in their posts. With a 500-character text limit and a five-minute video maximum, users have a great opportunity to connect with followers, entertain their audience, and—in the case of brands—showcase their products and engage with new prospects. 

Within a week of the app’s arrival into the world, over 100 million users signed up for the platform. So what makes it so special? 


With a simple interface, Threads has a home screen, a search feature, an activity feed, a profile button, and (of course) the ability to create your own post with a quick click. On your profile, you can sort your feed into Threads you’ve created and other posts you’ve replied to.


The platform has already been updated a handful of times since its release—and the Meta team seemed ready to answer user requests pretty quickly. 

As of July 25, the platform released two different versions of the main feed, For You and Following. According to CNBC, “the Threads update will also allow users to sort their ‘Activity’ feed by follows, quotes and reposts, allow people to see their liked posts in their settings and translate certain posts that appear in a different language.” 

Easy Access via Instagram 

Meta made sure access to Threads was as simple as possible. By integrating the new platform with Instagram, new users can import the accounts they were following, their profile photo, and their bio. The seamless signup process was a main factor in its meteoric adoption—users didn’t need (or even have time) to back out of the app or get distracted by something else. 

Effectively Utilizing Threads 

While it’s early, there are still some best practices you can implement on Threads. 

Focus on Authenticity 

Logging onto Threads for the first time felt like walking into an empty, quiet room with people you kind of know. People started talking about how weird it felt; most early Thread content was about how no one knew what to do or say. 

This authenticity started a conversation about social media expectations and the confusion that comes with a new platform. This dialogue is exactly what Threads seemed to want, too. According to Meta, “Whether you’re a maker or a casual poster, Threads offers a new, separate space for real-time updates and public conversations.” 

Be Creative 

Right now, weird is doing really well on social media. (Yeah, OK, weird always does well on social media. But it’s better than usual.) So if your brand voice is a little weird, lean into it. (And if you’re not weird…well, that’s OK, too.)

Whatever your brand voice is, creativity is key right now. How can you make your audience laugh with a quick one-liner? How can you take a unique perspective on something you’ve already posted about before? Everyone is figuring out this new platform together, so don’t be afraid to take a (calculated) step outside your social media comfort zone. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder 

Lyft’s social media manager made a great point about working smarter, not harder, when it comes to new social media platforms. In a LinkedIn post, Bri Reynolds reminds users to let people know about their presence on the platform and then follow up with top-performing posts from similar platforms. 

Take a look at content from other platforms to see what’s worked well and what you can optimize. Don’t be afraid to repurpose text, photo, and video marketing content to help you find your footing on new platforms. 

Monitor, Test, and Optimize

Just like every other social media platform, you’ve got to monitor and test your posts. How are your Threads performing? What posts are getting the most engagement? What kind of content is your audience responding to the most? 

With multivariate testing strategies, you can optimize your content and always give your audience what they really want.

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Sew Your Marketing Strategy Together With Threads 

When it comes to marketing, you never know what’s around the corner. As social media continues evolving, remember to stay agile. While you need to keep a focus on your overall goals, it’s essential to leave room in your marketing strategy for inevitable changes. 

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