From Obstacles to Opportunities: Making the Most of Your Social Media Video Strategy

It’s no secret—social media comes with many challenges. And, often, the most trying part is how quickly they evolve. But there are tactics you can employ to make the most of your social media video strategy obstacles and turn them into opportunities for success. 

Watch the Social Fresh webinar below to see QuickFrame’s Platform Partnerships Manager Emma Henry join marketing leaders at Square, Sony, and Great Wolf Lodge to discuss the trends, challenges, and opportunities ahead in 2023. 

Here, we’ll explore some of the most common social media struggles—and how you can turn them into opportunities for success. 

Common Social Media Video Pain Points in 2023 

While we’d love to have left social media issues back in 2022, they seem to have already found us in 2023. Some of the most common obstacles so far this year include: 

An Increased Volume of Content 

Whether you’re trying to diversify the channels where you share content or increase your presence on a specific platform, the increased need for video content is an obstacle for many marketing teams. 

From the rising popularity of video-first platforms (like TikTok and YouTube Shorts) to other platforms focused on promoting videos, marketing teams need more content, faster than ever before. This, of course, is happening simultaneously with scrutinized budgets and fewer resources, making it challenging (and sometimes impossible) for teams to stay above water. 

An Outdated Strategy

If you’re using last year’s marketing strategy, it’s time for an update. 

While you might think recycling an old plan can save you time and energy, it’s not the case. With an outdated strategy, you’re likely wasting time on irrelevant platforms and spending money to target the wrong audiences

Internal Concerns 

If you’ve pitched unique content in the past, you might have been met with pushback. Often, leaders are concerned about tone, voice, or just the overall eccentricity of some social media content. And, sadly, “But look at Duolingo!” isn’t always a good enough counterargument. 

If you’re yielding constant concerns about your video ideas, it might be time to have an open, honest, and educational conversation about your brand’s social media presence. 

Best Practices To Turn Your Social Media Struggles Into Successes

Adjust Your Strategy 

Don’t feel like your social media video marketing strategy should be a one-and-done plan. As platforms, markets, and consumer behaviors evolve throughout the year, it’s critical to update your strategy to account for these changes, budget adjustments, and more. 

Be Creative

If you want your brand’s social content to stand out, it’s essential to be creative. Tap into your marketing team’s creativity and hone in on your brand’s specific qualities, quirks, and place in the market. 

In the webinar, each brand speaks about how they utilize creativity, including Great Wolf Lodge, which uses their entertainment staff to create fun video content. With energetic and friendly faces on social media, the brand can highlight their personality while showing potential guests what to expect from a stay with them. 

Focus on Authenticity 

In the webinar, each brand tackles authenticity in a unique way—which is the point! 

If your content comes off as forced or cookie-cutter, your audience is likely to turn away from your social presence, so it’s critical to understand your brand and goals before you start creating content. While this makes it difficult to create a specific strategy or creative brief at first, you can begin by asking these (and other) questions: 

  • What’s important to our brand? 
  • What values does our brand have? 
  • What holidays, events, and other specific time periods are important to us? 

Another key aspect of creating authenticity in your social content is to humanize your brand. The digital world can be cold enough; people don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a robot on social media. Instead, help them know you by showcasing the personality traits of your brand.

Test Your Videos

Publishing your content is great, but it’s essential to know what your audience wants to see. You might use A/B or multivariate testing to learn more about your video content, including: 

  • Top performing platforms 
  • The video types your audience enjoys most 
  • The optimal length for your content on each platform 

With an effective testing strategy, you can understand your audience’s preferences and create video campaigns centered around them. 

Optimize Your Content 

Once you have those insights, it’s time to implement them into your strategy. 

If you found out, for example, that animated videos are performing 2x better than live action videos, you might want to include more animated content in your upcoming campaign. Or, if you learned 6- to 10-second videos are performing well across platforms, you should examine if there are longer videos to repurpose through the post-production process

With an optimized social media video marketing strategy, your brand will be able to consistently provide engaging and informative content to your audience, driving traffic, conversions, and growth. 

Don’t Let Pain Points Run Your Social Media Video Strategy 

Are you ready to make the most of your 2023 social media video strategy? 

Watch the on-demand webinar above to learn more about the common social media pain points brands of all sizes are facing and how they turn those problems into opportunities for growth. 

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