Video Ad Creative We Can’t Stop Thinking About | December 2023

At QuickFrame by MNTN, we put a high premium on ad creative. You can have the most cutting-edge product on the market, but if your video ads don’t sparkle, you’re going to have a hard time turning passive prospects into passionate consumers.

That’s why, each month, we round up a selection of the best ad creative we’ve helped brands create to help you generate concepts for your future campaigns. (Who needs to schedule an hours-long creative brainstorming session when you can just watch some videos, y’know?)

Dive into this month’s top picks below.

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Farmgirl Flowers 

Anatomy of the Video

Style: Live Action

Industry: Home and Appliances 

Platform: TV (CTV/OTT

Elements: Background Music, Branding, Product Visuals, Voiceover

Objective: Brand Marketing 

Turnaround: 6 Weeks 

Analysis of the Creative

This ad opens with a visual of the product — a gorgeous floral arrangement in the middle of the table — and the joyful noise of chatter and laughter in the background. Who’s the target audience? It’s me. I’m the target audience (and yes, I was absolutely hooked.) 

Farmgirl Flowers knows they’re not the only floral brand advertising this holiday season. To help audiences better remember their name, they’ve included the logo in the bottom right-hand corner and their website URL in the left. 

Once the branding is solidified, they lean into the storytelling through engaging visuals and a captivating voiceover. With upbeat music, smiling guests, and their product at the center, Farmgirl Flowers aims to recreate the positive emotions that come with an enjoyable gathering with friends and family. The storytelling aspect of this video also implies this purchase would be a part of something bigger. You’re not just buying flowers, you’re buying (as the end of the video says) love. 

If you’d like to create a similar video for your brand, think about the bigger ideas people associate with your products. How can you connect it with an elevated lifestyle or spending quality time with loved ones? No matter your product or the bigger idea, consider how your brand can improve a specific area of life for your audience. Then, drive that point home with clear and emotional storytelling. 

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The Pets Table

Anatomy of the Video

Style: User-Generated Content (UGC) 

Industry: Animals and Pets 

Platform: Meta (Facebook and Instagram) 

Elements: Background Music, Packaging, Product Visuals

Objective: Acquisition 

Turnaround: 6 Weeks

Analysis of the Creative

In less than 30 seconds, The Pets Table creates a relatable story for many pet parents. Quickly, they introduce the problem — that many people want to improve the quality of their pets’ food — and explain how they can solve it with their products. They also showcase the food’s packaging, giving viewers a hint at what to expect. 

By using this in their video marketing strategy, they show their audience that they’re paying attention to their wants and needs. While this is an effective way to capture attention, it’s also an essential part of long-term success. By keeping up with audience needs as they evolve and continuously showing this to your audience, customers are more likely to feel understood by your brand. 

Most importantly, they use a dog to (successfully) capture the attention of their target audience. If you’d like to use a similar formula in your video marketing strategy, you can hire an adorable animal to star in your commercial. As everyone in Adland knows, when in doubt, put a cute pet on it

But for those of you who can’t come up with a way to organically integrate a pooch or a kitten into your next ad, start by exploring the issues your target audience is dealing with. Then, find out how your products solve those challenges. Does your bath towel elevate the mundane process of getting ready? Does your software save people hours throughout their busy week? Regardless of the problem, explore how your products elevate customer lives and show the results to them through video marketing. 

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Taco Bell

Anatomy of the Video

Style: User-Generated Content (UGC)

Industry: Food and Beverage

Platform: Meta (Facebook and Instagram) 

Elements: App Features, Customer Testimonial, Product Visuals

Objective: Acquisition 

Turnaround: 3 Weeks

Analysis of the Creative

Taco Bell knows people love their nacho fries (duh), so they’ve used this opportunity to connect with viewers on social media. By combining timeliness with a fan favorite product, they’ve created an ad people are likely to engage with on their favorite platforms. 

While they aren’t explicitly advertising their mobile app, they are reminding viewers it’s an easy way to get their favorite Taco Bell products. Throughout the video, they show off the beloved nacho fries alongside other standard menu items with UGC-style content. While this video was created by the brand, it still has the ability to organically connect with viewers as if they were watching a friend’s UGC video on Reels. To top it off, they wrapped up the ad with a pun to keep their audience engaged.

Don’t worry — you don’t have to run a $100+ billion dollar brand (I seriously can’t comprehend this number) to make this kind of video work for you. To instigate a similar vibe, start by taking a look at your annual marketing calendar. From limited time deals to seasonal offers, find moments your brand can advertise products with exclusivity. Many companies, large and small, do this every year, from the influx of pumpkin-themed drinks in the fall that invariably gives way to the influx of peppermint-themed drinks in the winter. And what does a lot of the hype around seasonally exclusive products have in common (beyond my thinly veiled references to lattes?) They are only available for a limited time. That type of seasonal scarcity is like a lightning rod attracting consumers to your brand.

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