4 Ways to Repurpose Assets for Video Marketing

Continuing to publish a steady stream of content to keep your core audience engaged is vital, yet producing new content to invigorate a video marketing strategy can sometimes be challenging.

Live action production or net new animation may not always be in the cards due to various factors, including budget or time constraints. Post-production solutions that reimagine existing assets are cost-effective and can put new finished assets in your hands in as little as 24 hours.

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Here are four ways you can repurpose photo or video assets you already have in your library for your video marketing efforts.

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How to Repurpose Existing Assets to Create New Video Marketing Content

1. Animated Text

Animated text livens up still images or video clips, while giving you a ton of control over your messaging. A/B testing is key to finding what is resonating with your audience. Repurposing assets with animated text is simple and quick, giving you the flexibility and agility you need to test and iterate. It’s also a great way to infuse stock photos or videos with your brand when creating foundational assets is not possible.

2. Animated Graphics

Adding animated graphics to videos can be totally transformative. Animation is incredibly flexible given the many animation styles available. Well-executed animated graphics can completely turn existing video into an unrecognizable, otherworldly environment. A mix of mediums (e.g., live action and animation) also adds an eye-catching quality to the finished piece, helping your video stand out no matter the platform on which it runs.

3. Motion Design

This is perhaps the least familiar repurposing tool. Motion design takes photos and brings them to life. It’s an excellent way to spotlight a particular product. Motion design can be incorporated into any deliverable, but it’s particularly successful on social, display, and eCom (videos have been shown to be far more effective than still images in driving conversion on eCom). You can easily make your products stand out without dealing with the logistics of organizing a live action shoot by taking existing product photography and implementing motion design.

4. Cut Existing Video for New Platforms

We’ve seen an understandable surge in video consumption in 2020 as most people practiced social distancing and stayed at home. All video platforms saw significant gains, though social media and CTV/OTT advertising are of particular interest to marketers with the data and targeting opportunities they provide.

Any video creative you already have in your asset library can be cut for new platforms. You can optimize the length, change the aspect ratio, and tailor messaging for specific audiences.

Repurposed Video Marketing Assets: The Takeaway

Producing “new” video creative using your existing assets can be incredibly affordable, simple, and quick—and done completely safely with remote video makers. And the flexibility of the post-production workflow offers you virtually limitless opportunities to delight your audience and keep your brand relevant.

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