Video Marketing Creatives We Love (September 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently enabled brands to create across an array of industries and use cases. This month we’re featuring videos that used emotional engagement to generate goodwill for a product, leaned on region-specific content makers to establish brand authenticity, and leveraged post-production editing to easily repurpose previously created content for a whole new campaign.

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End-to-End Production for Brand Commercial

The Goal is a brand you know, and that consumers trust. But with a market saturated with other home security systems vying for attention, knew they needed to continue standing out. To do this, they wanted to refresh their video content, focusing on their consumers’ lifestyles, to raise brand awareness and boost recognition. 

The Process

Wanting a new vision for their video creative, QuickFrame connected with a maker who utilized specific lens’ designed for more cinematic storytelling. With a look similar to the quality of a feature-film, each video could resonate more with their target audience because it was in a visual language they were already familiar with. also understood how important inclusive representation is, so it was a priority to feature on-screen talent that illustrated the diversity of our world. With talent cast, they integrated three different lifestyle scenarios into the campaign to show how their product can be used in multiple ways.

QuickFrame enabled to create three different cuts of each video, from 30-seconds to 6-seconds, so that each video could be tested to determine which was performing best for’s KPIs. After testing the 30-second video, it was discovered that the video’s story was most effectively conveyed in 15-seconds. Best part? QuickFrame and were able to accomplish this all in less than a month!

Why We Love It

Like many of you, we haven’t left our homes much over the past year. But as the COVID pandemic ebbs and flows with the rise of vaccines and variants, all of that is set to change as we enter 2022. understood the world will soon start venturing outside again, and they wanted to ensure consumers remembered they can be trusted with keeping homes safe in the “new normal.” We love the joyful energy this ad exudes, inspiring their consumers to get excited about a reopened world, while reinforcing that they don’t need to worry about being away from home, as long as they have


Region-specific Content Makers

The Goal

Poshmark approached QuickFrame with one singular goal in mind: driving app downloads and new users as they launch their service in India. This is an important goal as Poshmark is the first online resale marketplace in India and they want to position themselves as a leader in the country, encouraging a new generation of consumers to buy-in to their unique approach of thrifting! 

The Process

QuickFrame connected Poshmark with a new maker onboarded specifically to work on this project. Importantly, QuickFrame’s team was able to source maker options directly in India to ensure the video’s authenticity as Poshmark expands into this new market. They knew their maker needed to be able to understand Indian culture to effectively communicate the messaging they had, and QuickFrame was able to provide a region-specific videographer to ensure that message would feel genuine to their target audience.

Why We Love It

With a bouncy, energetic soundtrack and text-on-screen that communicates everything they need without relying on voice overs, this ad is immediately engaging by taking the viewer on the journey of using Poshmark to resell pre-loved clothing. This is also a great example of why brands should lean on region-specific makers if they are expanding into new markets. By sourcing content makers from the region your ads will run in, you can establish authenticity in your brand, and trust from your audience.

QuickFrame is looking for experienced video content makers who believe that every brand deserves well-made video. Join our maker community today!

Post-Production Editing for Direct Response Social
American Home Shield

The Goal

Previously, American Home Shield had used a performance marketing testing strategy to optimize their video ad creative. They approached QuickFrame to restart their performance campaigns with the goal of driving acquisition for their home insurance plans. To do this, they wanted to expand their reach on their social media channels like Facebook and Instagram through Direct Response video ads.

The Process

American Home Shield was able to hit the ground running with their performance campaign as they already had a library of footage shot from a prior creative partner. QuickFrame connected American Home Shield with a maker who specializes in reworking footage into new videos through post-production editing. 

They adapted the original TV spots into cutdowns of various lengths and aspect ratios that could run on American Home Shield’s social media channels. In 10 days, and for under $5,000, QuickFrame enabled American Home Shield to create numerous videos, in multiple different aspect ratios, that was optimized across three rounds of performance testing.

Why We Love It

This year marks the 50th anniversary of American Home Shield’s award winning home insurance plans. To celebrate this monumental anniversary, American Home Shield wanted their video ads to reflect the families they’ve helped over the past five decades. Not only do we love the collection of throwback clothing styles featured in the ad, but the usage of different filters to give the video the appearance of old film stock is an inventive way to immerse the viewer in the different time periods featured in the spot.

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