How To Use Internal Communication Videos for Your Business

Internal communication is critical for maintaining everything from professionalism to good morale in your organization. While you can communicate in many ways, internal communication videos are easily the most effective ways to reach every team member in your company. These videos can help you share ideas with your team, keep aligned with policies, and inspire everyone to work together to help the company achieve its goals. 

Here, we’ll explore the importance of internal communication and ways you can effectively utilize internal communication videos at your business. 

What Are Internal Communication Videos? 

Internal communication videos are an engaging way to communicate with your teams. In some situations, these videos might be distributed throughout the entire organization, while others might be created for a specific team or department. 

Your business can use these videos for a variety of purposes, including sharing important information, updating a specific team on changes in relevant workflows, or educating employees on new software. 

The Importance of Effective Internal Communication 

Internal communication is vital to building and maintaining a positive company culture and growing your business. As an integral part of employee engagement, effective communication helps build trust among your team members by providing everyone with the information they need. 

It’s also a great way to communicate with your employees about all the exciting changes happening at your company, as well as upcoming events, products, and releases.

When everyone knows what’s going on from day to day, they feel more connected to their work environment and understand how they fit into the bigger picture. This connection allows them to focus more fully on their jobs and function at their highest level.

How Can I Use Internal Communication Videos for My Business?

As you’re creating your internal communication video, think about how your employees can benefit from it. Is there something particular you need to communicate? Are there changes in policy or procedure? Do you want employees to understand why certain changes are taking place? These are all excellent questions that should help guide the creation of this type of content.

Internal communication videos are highly effective. According to Forbes, people retain 95% of what they watch in videos. Another study found 48% of employees are engaged by videos more than other forms of communication.

You can use these types of videos for a wide variety of use cases at your business, including: 

Onboarding Videos

Onboarding videos are a great way to introduce new employees to your company’s culture and expectations. These videos should be clear, concise, and engaging. For example, you might use these videos to provide information about company benefits, schedules, values, missions, and holidays. 

Event Coverage Videos 

Video can be a great way to capture your company’s events and share them with your employees. Event coverage videos can serve multiple purposes, from educating employees on what a successful branding event looks like to simply recalling the memories of an entertaining corporate event from years past. 

In addition to providing education and positive memories, your team can use these event coverage videos to improve upcoming events. Whether you make adjustments from previous experiences or want to recreate a specific feature of your event, these internal communication videos can serve as a useful training tool for future events. 

Product Updates or Release Videos

A product update or release video effectively shows your team the evolution of your products and services by sharing use cases, costs, and value propositions. 

For example, if your company is rolling out a new financial technology application. A compelling release video could show your employees how easy it is to access bank accounts on the go, helping customers to stay in control of their finances. This helps your team promote the value of your company’s new release, increasing its adoption among your customers. 

Internal communication videos for product releases can also help energize your team about the exciting new product or service they’ll sell or promote. By ensuring your team is excited and educated about the latest release, they’ll be more likely to hit the ground running. 

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Company Leadership Messages 

Company leadership messages are essential for businesses, but it can be difficult to get everyone in the same room (virtual or physical) at the same time. By using internal communication videos, you can let your team know they’re valued and reinforce your company’s values and culture. Leadership messages can motivate employees, update team members about goal progress, and keep everyone feeling connected.

Additionally, company leadership videos are a fantastic way for leaders to share celebratory messages when team goals are met and publicly thank team members for their hard work.

Training and Continued Education  

Internal communication videos are also a great way to train and educate employees. You can use them to explain new procedures, policies, or safety measures. If something has been updated within the company, internal communication videos are perfect for efficiently explaining this information while also allowing employees to revisit it any time they need a refresher.

Holiday Messages 

While keeping your employees connected is always essential, you’ll want to ensure it remains a priority during holiday seasons. You can use internal communication videos to express your gratitude for your team, send them well wishes, or celebrate. 

For example, at the beginning of a new year, you can create inspirational video content that reflects on the company’s previous year or looks ahead to your upcoming plans. 

Safety Videos 

Safety might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about internal communication videos—and for a good reason! For many organizations, safety videos are necessary for workplace and employee safety. 

These videos can provide the necessary information for training, compliance, and important liability purposes. You want your employees to retain the information in your workplace training session, which makes video an effective format since you want to ensure your team stays focused and retains the necessary safety information.

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