How To Drive Community With Video Marketing

Thanks to the internet—and social media in particular—people have endless opportunities to connect with each other online. Thanks to this rise of connectivity, people have started creating and building digital communities. 

While these spaces are great for individuals, brands can also leverage them to connect with their customers and enhance brand awareness. 

Here, we’ll explore what digital communities are and how you can utilize them for your business. 

What Are Digital Communities?

A digital community goes beyond social media comments. These groups allow people with shared interests to interact and build relationships on community-specific platforms, such as Reddit or Facebook groups

In these groups, people can gather to discuss common interests and share their stories. For example, Food52 has created an online forum for users to talk about food, share recipes, get meal suggestions, and more. 

These digital communities often go beyond the four digital walls of the platform. Users will frequently connect through additional tools, host virtual events, and meet in person when possible. 

Why Are Digital Communities Important for My Brand? 

These groups create an incredible opportunity for your brand, as they essentially allow you to engage with a group of people who share similar interests and could become customers. 

Building a digital community also helps you diversify your marketing channels to connect with customers. These communities can help in several ways—especially as data privacy continues to evolve—including by: 

  • Providing you with a direct line of communication to current and potential customers.
  • Customer demographics and insights you can use to optimize your marketing strategy. 
  • A testing and feedback laboratory for new ideas, products, and initiatives. 

Plus, like we mentioned in the Food52 example above, you can also create brand-specific communities to drive engagement with current customers and education about your products. See how they drive engagement in their digital community through video marketing

Encourage Community Engagement with Video Content

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to engage customers and build a digital community—with 73% of marketers stating video production became more important to their business in 2022. 

No matter where your group spends most of their time online, here are a few ways you can drive community with video marketing: 

Highlight Members

It’s important to go beyond instructional videos and Q&As to truly connect with your audience and grow your digital community. 

One way to do this is by shining the spotlight on some of your community members. If you have passionate people who are excited about your brand and engage with you frequently, ask if they want to be featured in a profile video. 

You can share video interviews with individual members or host a community panel where you talk with multiple people. These videos can encourage other members to start networking and become more active in the community. 

Showcase Community Benefits

One way to drive engagement is to create videos that highlight the benefits of your community. This can help draw attention to your community, while simultaneously reminding current members why they joined (and the benefits they should be utilizing). 

You could create video content about: 

  • Special offers your community can access before other customers. 
  • Exclusive deals, products, and promotions, which can only be accessed by community members. 
  • The potential rewards for milestones in referral programs and similar initiatives. 

While these benefits will vary depending on your community, it’s essential to highlight them, since these types of videos can encourage engagement from current and new members. 

Promote Events

Creating a digital community gives you a built-in audience base for your virtual and live events, while also allowing customers to interact with your brand.

For example, if you’re hosting a special event at an industry conference, you can post a video in your digital community to promote it. Remind attendees that they can attend discussions, meet representatives from your brand, and network with other community members at your sponsored event.

You’ll also want to use this content to create a sense of FOMO—the fear of missing out. You can also post a recap video showcasing your members having fun and highlighting what they learned, which can entice other people to join the next event. 

Build Your Community With Effective Video Content

Traditionally, there have been video production roadblocks that prevented businesses from fully reaping the benefits of video content. 

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