10 Video Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Next Ad

When you think about effective video marketing examples, what comes to mind? 

Maybe it’s an old commercial from The Big Game that gives you nostalgia or a holiday ad that still makes you tear up even though you’ve seen it 20 times. While these are great video ad examples, there’s so much more to video marketing in 2022. From social media videos to Connected TV commercials, you have countless ways to connect with your audience through video content. 

Here, we’ll walk through 10 marketing video examples to inspire your next campaign. 

Social Media Videos 

Social media video marketing used to be an optional part of video marketing strategies, but now it’s critical to stand out. For example, in just a few short years, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms due to the video-only nature of the platform. 

In order to keep up, formerly text- and photo-based apps like Facebook and Instagram continue adding features that promote video content, which means your brand needs to add more video content to your marketing strategy. 

Why It Worked

This Royal Caribbean social media video is successful for several reasons, but the most important is that it centers on a specific segment of their actual customers. 

It’s important to note that the brand doesn’t center itself in the video — instead, this content focuses on the activities someone can enjoy while traveling with the company. With a fun, relatable format and user-generated content, travelers get the opportunity to feel like they’re connecting with a real person through the video, rather than just a brand. 

Animated Videos

Animation is an incredible storytelling tool — but so many brands are missing out on the opportunity to use it. Why? They’re afraid they need a huge, expert-filled team to create a compelling animated video. With the right video production platform, brands of all sizes can utilize animated videos to connect with customers. 

Why It Worked

This animated Facebook video tackles several complex topics in a unique and compelling way, including an introduction to their Major League Hacking (MLH) Fellowship program. 

The animation throughout the video ad example is engaging, bright, and eye-catching, which encourages viewers to continue watching as the animation directs viewers’ eyes throughout the video while the voiceover continues telling the story. 

In addition, the video discusses problems their audience face — and then supplies a solution. Facebook explains the issues that open-source platform volunteers encounter and how difficult accessibility is for many engineers. Once they’ve outlined these problems, they bring in a solution, which, in this case, is the MLH Fellowship. 

Finally, the video has a specific target audience. Not everyone knows about open-source solutions or engineering fellowship opportunities, but Facebook knows this segment of their audience does. With a target audience in mind, this video can genuinely connect with the viewers — and potentially help them find their next engineering opportunity. 

Short (Yet Effective!) Videos

Ads don’t have to be long to be effective — and this Hinge ad is the perfect example. 

Why It Worked

First, it’s the right length for the audience and purpose. This video ad has a straightforward premise and short length but still makes a significant impact. 

It’s on brand. Hinge is known for its humor, adorable mascot, and, well, willingness to self-destruct. With Hinge’s signature combination of romance and humor, the ad maintains the existing branding while keeping audiences engaged. 

The brand knows its audience. The ad emphasizes the brand name and tagline at the end of the video. By being the only words said out loud or written on the screen during the entire video, “Hinge. The dating app designed to be deleted” is the focal point. Even if mobile viewers watch the ad without audio, they’ll still be able to understand it. 

Small Business Videos

Many small and medium-sized businesses avoid small business video marketing because they don’t have a large enough video production budget or time to constantly make video content. But, there are innovative video platforms, like QuickFrame, that organizations of all sizes can use to efficiently create quality content.  Learn more about small business video production.

Why It Worked

For example, this Fresh Meal Plan advertisement allows customers to connect with the brand through a relatable experience. The ad features a person giving a testimonial about the business while discussing the benefits of the meal subscription service. 

It also showcases the website’s user experience, promoting how easily a new customer can order their meals — and relieving some ongoing stress about what to eat while balancing a busy schedule. 

Animated Explainer Videos

Another effective way to convey your message is by adding an animated explainer video to your marketing strategy. CBRE used this format to explain the benefits of its loan flow program to potential customers. 

Why It Worked

Just like the animated Facebook video discussed earlier, this animated ad opens by introducing the pain points — and then immediately solving them with the CBRE’s solution.  With clearly defined benefits, the video also answers why viewers should be interested in CBRE’s solution instead of competitors’ options. 

In addition, this video ad example has a direct CTA, so viewers know what to do next if they’re interested in the service offered in the video. While not every video needs an explicitly stated call to action (CTA), this brand uses one at the end to guide the viewer to the next steps. 

Product Marketing Videos

For many eCommerce businesses, product marketing is critical to success — and adding eCommerce video to your strategy can help you stand out from your competitors. 

Why It Worked

This Aveeno ad example has multiple components that make this ad successful, including utilizing captivating visuals of the product. This video also explains the product and its benefits, answering questions the consumers might already have while simultaneously helping familiarize them with the product. 

While it varies by the audience, one person in an advertisement can be incredibly powerful. Since many people are used to watching solo influencers on social media or solo streamers on YouTube, seeing one person in an ad might help your audience more quickly connect with the video.

Promotional Videos

Promotional video production is a multifaceted opportunity — it allows you to simultaneously promote your branding, products, and happy customers all in one video. Blume does exactly that in this video: 

Why It Worked

First, the whole video fits into Blume’s branding strategy. They show customers who they are and what matters to them: a clean and simple product. By using minimalist components, they mirror that strategy in this video. 

Blume showcased people using their products and included testimonials from previous happy customers to prove people enjoy the product. Popularized by a psychologist in the 1980s, social proof occurs when consumers see or hear about someone enjoying a product or a professional recommending a service, and that testimonial encourages them to want it for themselves.

Timely Videos

Video content can be effectively utilized for businesses of all sizes in every industry, including the real estate industry. 

Why It Worked

Timeliness is one of the key components of success for this ad. The modern real estate market is challenging for real estate agents, sellers, and buyers, so Curbio used this opportunity to connect with potential customers on some of their most challenging pain points. 

In addition, the video explains how the benefits can help both real estate professionals and their customers with helpful project management and streamlined processes. 

Relatable Videos

Many modern healthcare organizations also have the opportunity to connect with their audience through effective video content. 

Why It Worked

For example, Nurx uses the COVID-19 pandemic to create a relatable experience for people going back out into the in-person dating market after staying at home. 

While they have this target audience in mind, they use this video as an opportunity to mention multiple products and services, showing they have something for everyone in their target audience. By giving their audience something to relate to, potential customers can keep the brand in mind the next time they need one of Nurx’s products or services. 

Unique and Creative Videos

According to Statista, internet users spend an average of 2.45 hours on social media every day, so in order to stand out from the crowd, your video content needs to be creative, engaging, and emotional. 

Why It Worked

I mean, Ryan Reynolds is in it, so that seems pretty self-explanatory — but other factors make it successful, too. 

First, this video starts with an intriguing statement and a unique visual that catches the audience’s attention. Who isn’t curious about a robot sitting on a couch watching TV? 

It also directly addresses its target audience: marketers and others involved with Connected TV. And while these people might already be familiar with the market, the video script is filled with accessible language that anyone interested in CTV could understand. 

Producing Video Marketing Ads at Scale

Now that these video ad examples have inspired you to create your next video, it’s time to get started. 

At QuickFrame, we believe every business — no matter what size or industry — should be able to create high-quality video content. That’s why we give you access to a dynamic platform where you can connect with talented video content makers who are ready to deliver. 

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Video Advertising Examples: Final Thoughts

From animation to interviews and Connected TV commercials to user-generated content, video advertising is an incredible way to reach your audience. No matter what kind of video you’re creating, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind, including: 

We hope these video marketing examples brought you inspiration for your next campaign! 

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