What To Include in Your 2023 Video Marketing Strategy

In just about a month, we’ll be celebrating the end of the year, and it’ll be time to hit the ground running in 2023. But before we break out the confetti, it’s time to ask: is your video marketing strategy ready for the new year? 

When it comes to planning for success, the best time to begin was yesterday — the second best time is now. With over 3 billion worldwide digital video viewers consuming nearly 100 minutes of video content daily, your video digital marketing strategy needs to be focused to catch consumers’ attention. Here’s what you need in your 2023 video marketing strategy.

10 Video Marketing Strategy Must-Haves

Video marketing strategies can change with new trends throughout the year, but starting with an idea of your video marketing strategy needs will help you adjust and execute successfully on your video production planning throughout the year. 

1. The Video Production Process

Understanding what happens in each of the stages of video production, and including key steps within your strategy. 

While you don’t have to be a video pro, dedicating time to researching each step in the video production process will help you provide the materials and information necessary to make the process run smoothly and deliver the most effective content to your target audience.

2. Goals and KPIs 

You have to set goals in order to reach them. Are you looking to build strong brand awareness, increase your click-through rate, or maximize your return on investment? 

Before you think about specific creative ideas, you need to know why you’re creating them in the first place. Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) will mean creating different content than building brand awareness, so set your goals early on to get the most out of your video digital marketing strategy.

3. A Realistic Budget

The adage, “You have to spend money to make money,” exists for a reason. Though economic concerns are causing budgets to shrink across the board, research has proven multiple times that reducing your advertising during a recession can damage your business in the long run. 

So, you need to set a realistic budget for effective advertising in 2023. While it might seem counterintuitive, you can’t focus on simply saving money. Instead, you’ll want to continue providing your team with resources to keep new revenue coming into your business. 

4. Project Timelines

Each piece of video marketing content has five stages before consumers see the final product:

To create the most successful video marketing strategy, you’ll want to plan out the process from beginning to end for each piece of content you plan to produce. This planning ensures you start production early enough to release your content on time, so your team isn’t left scrambling on campaign launch day. 

5. Which Channels You Want To Use

Methods for inspiring engagement vary from platform to platform. For example, telling an in-depth story on CTV won’t necessarily work for social media, where users have more divided attention. To adjust for this, your social media video marketing strategies should include current trends, engaging hooks, and platform-specific features.

Knowing which channels you’ll utilize in your video marketing strategy is vital to making your content look native and engaging consumers correctly for each medium.

6. Current Marketing Data

Data never lies — so use it to understand what is and isn’t working with your content. So, how do you make data work for you? Take note of the data from your previous campaigns, including key metrics and creative variables, as these can be used as a starting point to build your future campaigns. 

Even if you haven’t created video content before, you aren’t starting from square one. Static data is still data, and it’s telling you something important about your audience. Moving forward, the data you gather once your content goes live will continue to inform your evolving strategy.  

7. Your Target Audience

For each piece of content you create, you won’t just be throwing it out into the world in the hopes someone wants to hear it. Instead, you’ll want to direct it at people who are ready to listen.

Knowing your target audience will help you and your creative team determine exactly how to deliver your message so it’s heard, not just sent out. But every segment of your audience has different goals, interests, and lifestyles, all of which need to be considered when creating your content. For example, did you know 68% of the Gen Z demographic wants to support brands that positively contribute to society? 

Before you plan your video marketing strategy, you need to know what the consumers you’re reaching out to want. Gather all the data you can to learn about your target market, so you can steer the development process of your video marketing strategy in the right direction.

8. The Messages You Want To Convey

The message isn’t just, “buy our product.” Consumers know you want them to make a purchase. 

Instead, the message you need to convey is why they should buy your product. The purpose behind a message is what stays with viewers long after they’ve finished watching your video or visiting your website.  It keeps them thinking about what you have to offer and creates more reasons why they should consider your company. 

Each piece of content in your video marketing strategy should have a refined message to effectively engage (and impress) your consumers.

9. Video Styles

Another critical aspect to include in your video marketing strategy is the video styles you want to use. Everyone is looking for ways to simultaneously fit in and stand out. With so much content being created, curating a style that is uniquely your company will help you feel both familiar and unique to consumers. 

Whether you want to use animated explainer videos or user-generated content, it’s important to consider different styles and video marketing examples and find what expresses your business’s unique personality best before you begin creating and implementing your video marketing strategies.

10. External Resources

Content is being created faster than ever, and companies are feeling the need for speed in video marketing. So, what can you do to satisfy this need? 

See what external resources are available! Working with a team of creatives who are used to churning out highly optimized video marketing content will ensure the highest quality and get it done quickly.

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