Video Marketing Creatives We Love (Feb. 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently made across an array of industries and use cases. This month, diversifying your social game with platform-specific creative and multivariate testing, crafting an engaging eCommerce experience with video, and a surreal animated project that brought together Spotify and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

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Multivariate Performance Testing on Social

The Goal.

Small-batch meal subscription service CookUnity was fairly new to video, but knew video was the answer when it came to an acquisition campaign on Facebook and Instagram

The Process.

To lay a foundation for creative testing, QuickFrame surfaced trends from CookUnity’s existing creatives and uncovered insights from an audit of competitor video ads. QuickFrame developed a comprehensive performance marketing production strategy that captured a wide variety of footage in a single shoot, allowing for A/B testing of creative variables throughout the length of the campaign.

Over the course of a 6-week multivariate testing plan, QuickFrame delivered on CookUnity’s KPIs, decreasing CAC by 30%, improving CTR 22%, and increasing watch time. 

Why We Love It.

Through a methodical testing approach to performance marketing, you can zero-in on the creative variables that are resonating most with your target audiences. Within weeks, CookUnity was able to identify UGC-style testimonials as a clear winner for their brand, paving the way for more granular variable testing within that video format and on other platforms, including YouTube

With iOS14 updates and related consumer privacy changes on the horizon, creative testing will be key to harnessing data about your audiences. Watch our 75-second explainer video to learn more.

Diversifying with Platform-Specific Creative

The Goal.

Looking to reach a younger demographic, Proctor & Gamble needed creative built specifically for Snapchat to raise awareness for Gain flings! liquid laundry detergent pacs. Gain wanted a cool approach that would bring their sent to life and grab Snapchatters’ attention.

The Process.

Gain came to QuickFrame with an idea and a video style in mind, having seen the eye-catching appeal of our stop-motion portfolio. A Barcelona-based creator sketched out several concepts and got to work, incorporating Gain brand guidelines to ensure the final product felt brand-aligned with creatives on other channels.

As an official Snapchat creative partner, QuickFrame also worked closely with Snap to ensure the creative would deliver on KPIs.

Why We Love It.

As the social media landscape becomes more saturated by the day and audiences grow more dispersed, diversifying your platform mix and understanding social media video trends is going to be vital for business growth this year. But, you can’t simply repurpose the same videos from platform to platform—creative must feel like native video to the specific platform in order to land. 

Gain knew this from the start, recognizing the need for Snapchat-specific creatives as they worked to reach younger demographics. 

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eCommerce Videos for Product Display Pages (PDPs)
Colgate Palmolive

The Goal.

Longtime partner Colgate just released an industry-disrupting new product under its Palmolive brand. Palmolive’s SprayAway dish spray reinvents the dishwashing process. Because of the product’s novelty, Colgate Palmolive wanted to highlight key value propositions on third-party eCommerce PDPs.

The Process.

QuickFrame took Palmolive’s talking points and brand guidelines and immediately got to work. A Boston-based creator storyboarded the video, conducted a live action shoot, and handled all of the post-production workflow in a matter of weeks.

Why We Love It.

With online shopping habits seriously on the rise, brands need to deliver standout eCommerce experiences. Featuring videos on your PDPs is a surefire way to bring product descriptions to life and execute vital consumer education—accomplishing a lot of what might be lost in translation from the in-store shopping experience. Plus, PDPs are hospitable to a wide array of video content, most of which you can repurpose for other touchpoints in your customer journey (e.g., post-purchase).

Thinking Outside the Box with Animation
Spotify + Cinnamon Toast Crunch

The Goal.

Spotify wanted to bring together one of its artists, singer-songwriter Cuco, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch for an on-platform video experience about finding creativity while homebound during the pandemic.

The Process.

A London-based animation house in QuickFrame’s creator network channeled the vibe of Cuco’s music to develop a vibrant animation style that felt true to both Cuco and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

QuickFrame’s Client Success Team oversaw the multi-brand, multi-medium collaboration, ensuring the video felt synergistic at every step of the video animation production process: from storyboard to animatics to final product.

Why We Love It.

In a time when we spend most of our time indoors, this video is truly transportive. With QuickFrame’s help, Spotify and Cinnamon Toast Crunch harnessed the flexibility of the animation medium to create co-branded content that feels fresh, vibrant, and out of this world. 

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