5 Videos To Inspire Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

With everything heating up this summer (streaming numbers, the Hollywood strike, the actual weather…), it’s a great time to create some red-hot seasonal video marketing campaigns

Let’s look at five different videos that might help inspire your summer marketing campaigns. 

1. A Sweet M&M’s Summer Recipe Video 

Ideal for the food and beverage industry, this quick M&M’s recipe video is the perfect inspiration for a US-based audience this summer. In just 15 seconds, this video promotes the product and showcases a creative way to use it. With summer and Fourth of July holiday imagery, it catches the eye of people who might be hosting summer gatherings or looking for an activity to do with their family. 

See how you can take your product or service and break it down into small, simple steps. What creative use cases can you show your audience? I’ve never thought of making an ice cream sandwich with donut holes, let alone using M&M’s candies to coat them. Break out your creativity caps (and maybe a snack) to create your own sweet, summertime videos. 

2. This Dormify Ad Sends Students Back-to-School in Style

As folks prepare for the back-to-school season, summer is a great time to catch their attention. Remember, your audience is likely preparing for school ahead of time, so make sure your ads reach them when they’re shopping

While summer is a great time for season-specific ads, this ad makes a great case for seasonality as a whole. Take a look at your audience and see what times of the year they’re most likely to make a purchase. Are they shopping on a quarterly basis? Or holding out for the holiday season? Find out when they’re shopping and optimize your video strategy to reach them at the right time. 

We included this one in our July best videos breakdown, so you can read our creative breakdown of the ad here

3. This Instacart TikTok Helps Streamline Gatherings

Now more than ever, people are focused on spending time with their friends and family—and simplifying their lives. This ad shows how they can do both at the same time! As people prep for their backyard parties and summer BBQs, Instacart promoted this video production to show people they can skip that lengthy trip to the grocery store and focus on having a good time. 

Show your audience how you can make their lives a little easier. Does your product simplify (or remove) an item on their weekly to-do list? Are you saving them time? What about brain space? Show them they have options. While this example was fairly functional, don’t be afraid to get creative and make your audience laugh, especially if it fits your brand. 

4. Arctic Cool Helps Keep Viewers Cool

Especially in the warmer parts of the world, the summertime struggles of heat and humidity are all too real. Instead of creating an analogy or wild situation, Arctic Cool just faced those issues head on. They reviewed the problems many of their consumers are having in the summertime, and then quickly solved these issues with their products. Like we mentioned in the Instacart example, sometimes functional marketing can be essential to showcasing a product’s benefits. 

Plus, this is a relatively simple video concept. With one actor, one product placement, some onscreen text, and some background music, the ad still highlights the brand’s value propositions and encourages consumers to check out the products. You don’t have to overthink it—just focus on creating quality content that resonates with your audience. 

5. VRBO’s Video for Travel Inspiration

We all love heading out for a nice summer vacation with friends and family, so VRBO uses that universal appeal to connect with their audience. With imagery that inspires people to help get the trip planning out of the group chat stage, VRBO is encouraging people to actually plan their vacations and spend time together. 

Think about how you can inspire your own audience to take action with your brand. Are you a travel brand similarly looking to inspire folks to take that last-minute summer trip before school starts again? Or are you urging consumers to buy the latest and greatest board game to play with their family? No matter your product, show them positive and relevant imagery of what those experiences could look like, thanks to your brand. 

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