Video Marketing Creatives We Love (August 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently enabled brands to create across an array of industries and use cases. This month we’re featuring videos on thought-leadership in the Food and Beverage space, the power of post-production editing for businesses that are reopening, product spotlights for booming pandemic-effected industries, and how Zoom interviews can feel fresh and inventive with dynamic editing and motion graphics.

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Minidoc for Food and Beverage Industry

The Goal.

Bev wanted to create branded content promoting their line of canned wines that positioned themselves as a female-forward alternative to the predominantly male-dominated liquor industry. With a creative partner and QuickFrame’s collective of content makers, they were able to set a lengthy timeline to ensure that the final videos were of the highest quality.

The Process.

QuickFrame connected Bev and their creative partner MuteSix with a maker who has a sharp eye for detail, which was a huge benefit when developing the personas for each can. They first developed multiple designs for each scene the different cans would be featured in before moving forward with the rest of the shoot. They leaned into motion graphics to add an added layer of dynamism to these fun, informative concepts. The process was long, but was well worth it. Bev came away with ten deliverables, with various cut-downs for different placements and channels, that they absolutely loved.

Why We Love It.

MuteSix understood that to love the Bev brand meant loving Bev’s brand story. By focusing on it’s founders, they are able to bring more authenticity and trust to their ad content. The star of the ad–outside of the thumb-stopping cans–is Bev’s founder, Alix, who propels the narrative with language that feels modern, and most importantly, in the fun, youthful voice of their community.

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Performance-focused eCommerce Commercial

The Goal.

Manduka wanted to create a premium live-action commercial for a performance marketing campaign that would generate awareness and acquisition for their new line of yoga mats.

The Process.

After signing on to a performance package, Manduka realized they also wanted to include PDP (product detail page) videos as well. By condensing the shotlist and optimizing the campaign to include these new videos, QuickFrame’s maker was able to produce all the required videos without going over the original production timeline.

Additionally, Manduka was able to coordinate with their brand ambassadors to appear as on-screen talent in this campaign. Because no additional casting was necessary, they were able to save both time and money.

Why We Love It.

With much of the world still uncomfortable with returning to in-person exercise classes, many consumers are opting to continue their at-home workout routines. By releasing a new line of yoga mat’s now, Manduka is meeting their consumers where they are at: in their homes, which is reflected in the commercials locations and sets. It builds loyalty that Manduka understands the reality of its audience, and is producing products and content that can speak directly to their needs.

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Dynamic Zoom Interview for Film Promotion
Hearst Magazine

The Goal.

Hearst was aiming to capture a dynamic conversation between ELLE’s Nina Garcia and select cast members of the Warner Bros. film In the Heights to generate awareness, buzz, and excitement for both the movie’s release on HBO Max and the summer issue of ELLE. 

The Process.

Aside from needing a maker to direct the Zoom interview, Hearst wanted the end project to feel glossy and have a high-end look and feel, so QuickFrame wanted to ensure the editing style would match. Due to this, QuickFrame connected Hearst with two separate makers to tackle the project in tandem–one to capture the Zoom call, the other to edit the end product–leveraging each team’s unique skill sets.

Why We Love It.

COVID-19 changed the world, but some things still stay the same, like promotional press tours for the hottest new films, and nothing was bigger this summer than the In The Heights premiere on HBO Max. Even though we’ve spent the past year either on Zoom calls, or watching Zoom conversations, this video still manages to be fresh and engaging through effective editing that splices together the familiar Zoom screen with dynamic text, motion graphics, and footage from the film.

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Post-production Editing for CTV/OTT

The Goal.

With many organizations across the country strategizing “new normal” plans, SkyZone wanted to convey that they were reopening. With the pandemic forcing kids to rely on television and video games as entertainment, SkyZone used this campaign to position themselves as top of mind for kids, and their parents–who hold the wallets–looking for an alternate source of more lively entertainment. 

The Process.

QuickFrame matched SkyZone with a maker skilled in re-editing existing creative into new concepts. To repurpose the existing creatives for their reopening footage, existing footage was re-cut, and new scripts were produced. In just a few weeks, QuickFrame delivered 5 video ads for various placements to support their reopening push.

Why We Love It.

Audiences are flocking to streaming TV, where brands can make a serious impact with large-screen advertising. Broadcast-quality content may feel out-of-reach, but by repurposing existing creatives, you can generate video ads for multiple TV, CTV and OTT advertising placements at an affordable cost and with a speedy turnaround.


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