Video Marketing Creatives We Love (June 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently made across an array of industries and use cases. This month, celebrating Pride, creative testing on the big screen, and live action B2B videos.

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Product Videos for Pride Month

The Goal.

To celebrate Pride Month, Stoli Vodka launched a global collectors edition bottle as part of an ongoing partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation. Stoli wanted to celebrate a new bottle design and raise awareness for its diversity initiatives.

The Process.

With the need for a speedy turnaround, Stoli used QuickFrame to match with a skilled motion graphics editor. Existing product photography and images were enlivened by upbeat music and brisk animations, creating a celebratory feel.

In just a matter of days, Stoli had ready-to-publish assets in 4 different aspect ratios, for use on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Why We Love It.

Stoli is making a splash in the fight for global equality. Not only is this video evocative of the spirit of Pride, but a portion of all proceeds from sales of this bottle go directly to the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Plus, Stoli’s serving up what consumers want. According to a recent survey, 64% of consumers are more likely to make an immediate purchase when they are delivered an ad that’s representative of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Creative Testing on CTV/OTT
Scott’s Cheap Flights

The Goal.

With travel at the top of everyone’s as the world’s vaccination rates increase, Scott’s Cheap Flights wanted to run several campaigns on CTV/OTT advertising platforms to raise awareness and generate learnings. Using the channel’s capacity for targeting and measurement, Scott’s Cheap Flights embarked on a creative testing plan to surface what works for their audience.


The Process.

Any multivariate testing plan works best when broad concepts are tested first. To that end, Scott’s Cheap Flights decided to experiment with style to see which approach resonated most with audiences.

Using QuickFrame, Scott’s Cheap Flights executed two productions simultaneously—one live action spot and one fully animated marketing video—handled by two different companies in the QuickFrame Marketplace. QuickFrame generated concepts for both approaches and our Customer Success Team kept both productions on track, while collaborating with Scott’s Cheap Flights’ media agency.

For the live action shoot, stakeholders from Scott’s Cheap Flights flew to set in Portland, Oregon. In a little over a month, Scott’s Cheap Flights had two stylistically different—yet brand-aligned—spots ready to test on CTV and OTT.

Why We Love It.

CTV/OTT is the newest performance channel, offering many of the same targeting and measurement capabilities as digital. With a performance testing plan, you can methodically test different creative approaches to find what works best for your brand and your audience. 

Data privacy regulations reframing the way marketers operate. Embracing broad creative testing strategies that generate brand-owned insights will be key to staying effective.

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Quick-turn TV Commercials
Wolf & Shepherd

The Goal.

Athletic-inspired dress shoes company Wolf & Shepherd needed a conversion-focused ad for linear TV that would capture attention and drive website traffic.

The Process.

Using a streamlined briefing process, QuickFrame quickly got to the heart of Wolf & Shepherd’s brand identity and campaign goals. With just a few bullet points and references from the brand, a NYC-based QuickFrame maker pitched 2 unique product-focused concepts—a departure from Wolf & Shepherd’s mostly talent-based past videos.

Production was swift—product photography, stop motion, and live action footage were captured in a single shoot, with the Wolf & Shepherd team joining via video throughout the day. Editing and animation was a breeze, and Wolf & Shepherd had 4 broadcast-ready deliverables in just 4 weeks.

Why We Love It.

Thorough pre-production planning is a guaranteed way to stretch your production budget. By tackling two separate concepts in a single shoot, Wolf & Shepherd was able to save—unlocking spend that can be allocated to media.

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B2B Thought Leadership Videos

The Goal.

Asset management group DWS wanted to drive brand awareness and leads on LinkedIn with a 3-part thought leadership series featuring the DWS Head of Customer Coverage. 

The Process.

Though DWS had a sparse video library, they knew the importance of running video on LinkedIn. QuickFrame—a LinkedIn Marketing Partner—matched DWS with a local maker in Chicago to film at the company’s offices. 

With topics and questions identified ahead of the shoot, the team was able to capture a wide array of footage—enough to spark the need for 3 additional videos. In the post-production workflow, interview footage was married with simple motion graphics to support the narrative with visual diversity. At project wrap, DWS had 6 unique videos to use to elevate their LinkedIn content.

Why We Love It.

A formerly text- and image-heavy platform, LinkedIn is embracing video in a big way. The recent launches of LinkedIn Stories and LinkedIn Events have made video a core focus of the LinkedIn environment. 

B2Bs are increasingly recognizing the importance of taking a video-first approach in their marketing, but many stick to animation and motion graphics styles. This example video ad from DWS illustrates the efficacy of incorporating live action footage, leveraging employees to make a personal connection.

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