The Benefits of a Video Production Marketplace

This blog details the benefits of a marketplace approach to video production you can integrate into your marketing teams, from in-house creatives to agency partners. Learn more about QuickFrame’s approach:

We don’t have to remind you that most of your normal day-to-day experiences have been turned upside down due to COVID—but tech, especially burgeoning eCommerce marketplaces, has been disrupting industries well before then. Think about how marketplaces like Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry to connect holiday seekers with property owners. Lyft disrupted the way we hail cabs by connecting drivers directly with riders. And Hinge (and a slew of other dating apps) rewrote the rulebook for how relationships are created by connecting people looking for love where they are the most: on their phones.

Strangely, one of the industries most resistant to change is the creative services industry, which has a reputation for being, well, you know, creative! With the popularity of creative marketplaces like Fiverr and QuickFrame’s Global Video Hub, individuals and brands are becoming accustomed to working remotely with animators, content makers, and video production companies to produce high-quality video ads. In the same way that you can filter for specific requirements on Airbnb, like pet-friendly or no-smoking, video production marketplaces allow brands to search for makers with the hyper-specific skills that their unique video productions require.

A marketplace approach to video production allows you to substantially lower the cost of video production. You work with creative minds across multiple different disciplines, bringing fresh perspectives to your brand from a diverse array of freelancers and side hustlers that have a preternatural way of understanding your goals and achieving them on time, on-trend, and on-brand.

Rising media costs may be out of your control, but the way you respond is not. You need to find a cost-efficient, streamlined solution to the video production process so you can generate content at the scale you need, on-time and under budget. 

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The High-Level Benefits of a Video Production Marketplace

Unique Understanding of Your Brand

One of the biggest questions you’ll be asked by your C-Suite team when deciding on a marketplace approach to video production is, “How will these makers–who have no experience with our company–be able to stay on-brand?”

Video content marketplaces, like QuickFrame’s Global Video Hub, can come with dedicated support teams of video professionals that act as a bridge between brands and makers. They can convey all the hyper-specific brand requirements your ads need–in the language makers understand–so that the first version of your video can be as near-perfect as possible while continuing to educate the maker on ways to keep your ads as on-brand as possible. Simply put: a marketplace approach to video production can alleviate communication barriers that may traditionally have obscured your brand’s goals.

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Making Use of Makers’ Specific Skills

If you have a clear vision for the campaign you want, or a specific technique or look in mind — like stop-motion, for example — video production marketplaces give you the ability to zero in on talented niche artists and makers, from all walks of life.

Whether it’s graphic design, live-action videography, or any kind of animation production you can think of, video marketplaces can connect you to specific makers with the skills you’re looking for. Geography is no longer an impediment to getting the look you want. 

Regional Specificity 

Speaking of geography, if you want to reach particular markets, video production marketplaces allow you to connect with makers around the world who have a nuanced understanding of region-specific languages, values, and interests so that your ads can feel like native videos in the country the ad is running in.

It’s not just a question of language — local makers can provide insight into unique cultural tastes and sensibilities, giving your brand an edge it wouldn’t have had with a more traditional, centralized campaign.

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Drive Diversity through a Video Production Marketplace

It should come as no surprise, based on the demographics of the advertising industry, that traditional video creation has often been skewed towards a white, male-centric eye. A video production marketplace approach unlocks a wider array of perspectives, allowing your brand to thread in the diversity and inclusion you are likely striving to achieve in your organization. Not only is this paramount to the health of your brand and your ad creative; it’s something that will make the world of advertising a far more representative place.

Giving new talent a chance isn’t just a matter of doing the right thing — it opens you up to different ideas and angles you wouldn’t have otherwise considered as a brand. These new video campaign ideas can help you reach new audiences. It also opens up the pitching process to people who have creative ideas as a side hustle. They may have the perfect idea for you — without wanting to devote their entire careers to the creative hustle.

The diverse web of creatives that exist in a video content marketplace also allows you to stay current with trends across new platforms. Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Roku, and others not only have different technical requirements — but they also have specific aesthetic demands. Fresher voices are more likely to understand the diverse requirements of engaging consumer attention on these various social channels, keeping your ad creative not only on-brand but on-trend as well.

Streamlined End-to-End Process

Video production marketplaces like QuickFrame’s Global Video Hub makes the process easy for brands to create project briefs, bid on content makers, and kick off their projects. It’s a lot more focused and less chaotic than the traditional pitching process.

Brands can find makers who suit their needs, and makers can find briefs that play to their strengths — resulting in a lot less noise and wasted time on either end. Makers can connect with major brands, and you can find up-and-comers all around the world who are perfect for you.

Video Production Marketplace Benefits: The Takeaway

In-house studios are constrained by a lack of resources. Regular ad agencies can be great but are expensive and slow. Managing freelancers on your own is exhausting, with all your time going toward finding the right people and the tedium of ongoing administration. 

Video production marketplaces are the perfect complement to your in-house and agency teams as they can alleviate the stress of traditional production processes by connecting brands to excellent creatives and the support infrastructure you need to get the most out of your creative partnerships. 

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