Video Marketing Creatives We Love (April 2021)

Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends is difficult. And in a content landscape that moves faster and is more crowded than ever before, making sure your creatives are captivating and fresh is a must. 

To stimulate your creative brainstorming, we’re rounding up some of our favorite videos we recently made across an array of industries and use cases. This month, two spots for TV (one original and one made with repurposed creative), UGC video ads that convert, and a slate of videos to elevate eCommerce websites

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Repurposing Creative with Post-Production

The Goal.

Ziploc’s agency, BBDO, was working on sustainability-focused spots to promote the brand’s new recyclable paper bags. With live action footage and product photography already wrapped, BBDO needed a quick turnaround of various video ads for TV and CTV/OTT advertising. 

The Process.

With concepts, footage, and photography in hand, QuickFrame matched BBDO/Ziploc with the perfect maker for the project—an LA-based editing pro with expertise in video animation production and motion graphics.

To repurpose the existing creatives for an Earth Day focus, existing footage was re-cut, a new voiceover was recorded, and a broadcast-quality end card was animated. In just 8 days, QuickFrame delivered 4 TV-ready video ads for various placements and two static billboards to support product education and awareness.

Why We Love It.

Audiences are flocking to streaming TV, where brands can make a serious impact with large-screen advertising. Broadcast-quality content may feel out-of-reach, but by repurposing existing creatives, you can generate video ads for multiple TV, CTV, or OTT placements at an affordable cost and with a speedy turnaround.


Multi-use eCommerce Product Videos
HASK Beauty

The Goal.

With the goals of building awareness, educating consumers, and driving sales, Hollywood’s favorite hair care brand HASK wanted to boost the launch of its Curl Care collection across eCommerce and social.

The Process.

HASK used QuickFrame to match with an NYC-based maker specializing in creatives for the hair and beauty industry. For a streamlined production approach, QuickFrame collaborated with HASK to create a templatized shot list across all products. 

Then, footage for the entire product line was captured at a single shoot with 3 talent. QuickFrame organized several video check-ins on shoot day with key stakeholders and ensured that the HASK style team remotely directed the on-set styling of talent hair. 

In just 4 weeks from project greenlight, QuickFrame delivered 6 unique and on-brand product video concepts, cut into 18 different deliverables for use on various platforms.

Why We Love It.

The consumer retail experience is changing and eCommerce is on the rise. Brands must consider bringing eCommerce product videos into the fold to deliver a more dynamic, memorable online shopping experience for consumers. 

eCommerce videos are not only effective at driving conversions, but they are also incredibly flexible. You can get a ton of mileage from one project by repurposing eCommerce website videos on other channels, like social and email.

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Live Action UGC-Style Direct Response Videos for Facebook
Force of Nature

The Goal.

Natural cleaning brand Force of Nature got a huge boost at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic raged on and ad fatigue crept in, the brand wanted to reinvigorate their creative approach to marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

The Process.

Facebook introduced Force of Nature to QuickFrame (an official Facebook Marketing Partner), and we got to work right away. Because they were new to video, Force of Nature leaned on QuickFrame’s expertise in producing performance marketing video that converts.

After identifying core objectives, value propositions, and identifying the pain points of past campaigns, QuickFrame paired Force of Nature with an NYC-based maker who knew how to push the needle with DR video on Facebook

With 3 different concepts approved, production kicked off right away. Real on-screen talent (not actors) were sourced and all of the footage needed for the various concepts was captured in a single day shoot—held at the talent’s home. In just 2 weeks from kick off, Force of Nature was ready to test video on Facebook for the first time with 12 video ads cut for different objectives, audiences, and placements.

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Why We Love It.

When the performance of still assets was starting to decline, Force of Nature knew video was the answer. By capturing a wide array of live action footage in a single shoot, you can unlock iterative testing with video, methodically revealing the creative variables that work best with your unique audiences on every platform.

Quick Broadcast-Ready Live Action Production

The Goal.

To support the launch of a new dermatology service, online healthcare provider Nurx needed an on-brand broadcast-quality video ad to raise awareness on TV and YouTube.

The Process.

Through a multi-year relationship, Nurx and QuickFrame have developed a symbiotic working relationship that allows QuickFrame to act as an extension of the Nurx brand. Under the management of our Client Success Team, this project was able to move from idea to finished product in a matter of weeks—without even hopping on a call.

Nurx sent over product details and key value propositions, and then an Oregon-based QuickFrame maker got to work. Each step of the process was swift, moving from concept review, to scripting, to storyboarding, to shooting, and then to final approvals seamlessly.

Why We Love It.

The only way to keep up in today’s fast-paced, fiercely competitive attention economy is by streamlining your marketing video production. Nurx uses QuickFrame to unlock speed and scale in their creative approach, using our production solution to expand their reach on every platform with on-brand, data-informed original video.

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